Council considers PD Officer camera / armor grants, food truck permit

During its regular Apr. 18, 2023 meeting, the Forney City Council met to consider Food Truck permit, PD body armor and cameras, Parks master plan.
(watch official video)

  • Mayor Lewis stated corrections are needed to the minutes.  They were approved.
  • Public Comment - none
  • Approved as one consent item:

    • a Resolution approving a Professional Services Agreement with Pierce-Murray Land Solutions, LLC, to provide consulting services to prepare a drainage study to address drainage improvements near the intersection of Estate Lane and FM 740.
    • a final plat for Gateway Parks Phase 4C.
    • a preliminary plat for Don Valk Self Storage Addition, located northwest of the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 740 and Farm-to-Market Road 460 in the Forney ETJ.
    • a final plat for Don Valk Self Storage Addition, located northwest of the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 740 and Farm-to-Market Road 460 in the Forney ETJ.
    • a final plat for the Trailhouse Park Hampton Addition, located north of U.S. Highway 80 and west of Trailhouse Lane.
    • a final plat for Johnson Elementary School, located southwest of Vineyard Way and South F.M. 548.
    • a final plat for Willett Elementary School, located southwest of Honey Creek Road and South Gateway Boulevard.

  • Held Public Hearings -

    • Approved an Ordinance for a conditional use permit to allow a food truck to operate at 907 E. Broad Street.
          Mr. Morgan said this is at Skin-sense parking lot. The truck will be adjacent to that building.  Permit is valid for one year: 60 days on, 30 days off.  Operating Thur - Sun.  They do request leaving the truck on site overnights.
          There was no public input

  • Approved a Resolution accepting grant funding for the Police Department Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Program.
        Mr.  Nicks, grants coordinator, said this is for 50.3k, 37.7k from Governor's Public Safety Office, 12.6k matched through local funds
        Ms. Primous asked if these are typical cameras.  Chief White said they are, and activated when interacting with public.  Ms. Primous asked if have them now - yes, unit costs are increasing, some devices need to be replaced, and hiring more officers.
  • Approved a Resolution accepting grant funding for Police Department Rifle-Resistant Body Armor.
        Mr. Nicks said for 17k, from office of governor, no matching funds.
        Mr. Chambers asked for details on armor - Chief White said current armor good for hand guns, this will be good for ar-15s and .556.  Ms. Primous was surprised so cheap, compared to military gear.  Chief White said this goes over the other armor, front and back.
  • Approved a Resolution approving the selection of a qualified firm to assist the City in a new Parks and Open Spaces Master Plan and authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute all necessary documents.
        Mr. Rouvaldt said council authorized update to plan, which will be a guide-line for future.  Got 4 responses; staff committee evaluated them, recommend Park Hill.
        Ms. Salgado asked what what the plan will encompass - Mr. Rouvaldt said N-side Park, and what features people want in the parks.  Mulberry park is 30 years old.  If do future bond, can use this data.  Ms. Schlensker mentioned previous N-side plans, why not using that.  Mr. Rouvaldt replied softball and soccer have newer facilities, so the former plan is outdated.  Baseball is likely to be top priority.
        Ms. Primous asked how much is budgeted for this - Mr. Rouvaldt spoke about using some of the CIP budget.

  • City Manager's report - Elm St drainage, just completed, worked w/ staff, TxDOT, Freeman-Millican, it's very nice now.  Fri: city office closed 11-2 for picnic, at park.  Some staff will participate with dunking booth.
        Mr. Chambers thanked staff for grant efforts.
  • Upcoming Events - movies in park Fri.  Ms. Primous said took grand-kids, it's was very nice.  Apr. 29 wine/arts walk 12-5, Chamber auction 5-10.
        Mr. Traylor thanked Chief White and PD for a recent interaction with an officer, who did not know who he was.
  • Held a 72-minute executive session re:

    • Deliberate the appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline, or dismissal of a public officer or employee (Tex. Gov't Code 551.074):
      • City Manager
      • City Secretary
      • Assistant City Secretary

  • Adjourned at 2005
Tuesday, 2023, April 18