Parks Board decides on Sports sub-committee

During its regular Apr. 19, 2023 meeting, the Forney City Parks Board met and considered sports sub-committee, Parks and Open Space Master Plan.

  • Public Comment - none.
  • Approved recommending dissolving the sports subcommittee in favor of making future demands or requests of the Sports Associations to be put in the annual Use Agreement.
        Mr. Rouvaldt reviewed what was discussed at last meeting.  Staff will change the annual user agreements to cover some items that were done by subcommittee.  He recommended dissolving the subcommittee.
  • Discussed Parks and Open Space Master Plan
        Mr. Rouvaldt said council approved using Park-Hill for plan update; they also did 2014 plan.  He expects contract to be done in 2 weeks.  Should be ready by next meeting.
  • Department Report -
        Mr. Rouvaldt said Apr 8 Easter egg hunt, had 16,000 eggs, lasted 2 minutes - had great turnout.  For first movie in park, used trivia software which attendees could use with their phone, not sure if service has enough bandwidth for full trivia night.  Working w/ local ice cream vendor for future teen volleyball event.  Will have May 25 griddle class.  May 26/27 campout for 20 families, filled up right away.  Plan to have game warden come out.
        Plans starting for Multi-Purpose fields.  Might add goals and nets for mulberry, might put soccer practice fields in irrigated pocket parks.
        Mr. Sanders asked about attendance ratio of citizens - Mr. Rouvaldt said using signups online helps determine proportions.  There is a waiting list for Rec One, could allow early signups for city residents.
        Ricky: Next Sat is FAC art/wine festival.  Will have two acoustic artists.  Working with Eno's about wine vendors.  Mr. Dettmer asked road closures - Main St. one block, couple blocks of Bois d'Arc. 
  • Adjourned at 1930
Wednesday, 2023, April 19