Council recognizes firefighters on 30th anniversary

During its regular Nov. 17, 2020 meeting, the Forney City Council met to recognize 30th city hall fire anniversary and Small Business Saturday, approve school and city site plans, hear from scouts. (watch official video)

  • Swore in re-elected members Ms. Powers and Mr. Cooper.
  • Accepted the resignation of Council Member Mike Thomas for Place 1 (he was on the ballot when the election was delayed from May until November).
  • Appointed James Traylor to fill the vacancy; he was then sworn in.
  • Mayor Penn presented a Proclamation acknowledging the 30th Anniversary of the fire that destroyed City Hall.Watch Video
  • Mayor Penn presented a Proclamation for Small Business Saturday on Nov. 28, 2020.Watch Video
  • Approved as one consent item:
    • the quarterly investment report ending 09/30/20.
    • the acceptance of public improvements for the Children's Lighthouse project.
    • a final plat for the Justice Center, Lot 1, Block 1, located at the northeast corner of F.M. 548 and Justice Center Drive.
    • a site plan for Johnson Elementary School, located southwest of Vineyard Way and South F.M. 548.
          Mr. Myers asked about allowing chain-link fence - Mr. Morgan said this is difference between commercial and residential.
    • a site plan for Willett Elementary School, located southwest of Honey Creek Road and South Gateway Boulevard.
    • the City acceptance for the Public Works 2020 Street Improvements project.
    • awarding a contract to Authers Building Group, LLC for the Forney Additions and Renovations Project, and all related issues.
          Mr. Johnson asked about alt #6 - Mr. Zook said it is a thinner base w/ mat.  Mr. Johnson asked why an alternate when had enough budget, don't want to pay for maintenance instead of buying better up front.  Mr. Zook said current yards are similar material, used by heavy equipment, has held up well.  Mr. Johnson said he was not pleased.
    • a Resolution approving a memorandum of understanding between the City of Forney, Texas and the Forney Independent School District for the provision of policies and procedures between the police departments for each of the parties to the agreement as required by section 37.081 of the Texas Education Code; authorizing the city manager and police chief to execute the agreement.

  • Approved an Ordinance canvassing the returns of the Special Election held on November 3, 2020 for the purpose of submitting to the qualified voters of the City of Forney the adoption or rejection of certain Propositions each providing for the amendment to the City of Forney Home Rule Charter, declaring the results of that Election, ordering the adoption of Charter Amendments and adopting the Charter, as amended.
  • Approved a Resolution appointing Shaun Myers as Mayor Pro Tem in accordance with Section 3.04 of the City of Forney Charter for a term of one year.
  • Public Comment
    • Ms. Jennifer Carr of Webelos Den 2 of pack 339 said each member of the pack must come ask them a question to become a boy scout.  Mr. Thatcher explained the procedure for multiple speakers.  Scout Aaron asked in what ways people can support the police.  Mr. Traylor thanked him for asking and referred the question - Chief Lunt responded to Aaron's question stating it's tough to be an officer now, Forney is very supportive, relationship with citizens is key to their mission.  Scout Isaac asked about police shootings of persons with mental illness.  Mr. Carson said they just discussed it last week.  Chief Lunt said officers actually are trained on the issue, they recently had to block a road for such a situation, while they worked to deescalate.  Officers have 40 hours of crisis training, plus additional annual training.  A parent asked how many present had been scouts - 3 council and 3 staff were.

  • City Manager's report - Mr. Carson asked Mr. Zook to speak - this afternoon they were called over to 212, a piece of the road has been in bad shape, now has been churned enough they had to close that section.  As an interim move, closed about 1/4 mile of it, for about a week.  They have equipment to smooth it out, will review what to do for better access.  Mr. Johnson asked about permanent fix - Mr. Carson said it needs to be semi-permanent until development is finished.
  • Mayor Penn said wants to publicly call for a bond package committee; it's been 14 years, have many needs such as library and rec. center, interest rates are low, should be on Dec. agenda.
  • Council Comments - Mr. Traylor thanked the scouts for having the courage to come and speak, council is hear to listen.  Mr. Myers told the scouts that stepping outside your comfort zone is how you make progress.  Ms. Powers thanked citizens for reelections, thanked girls scouts for helping her early life, agreed on stepping out.  Mr. Moon congratulated reelected member, thanked scouts for coming; Mr. Cooper thanked scouts for participating.  Mr. Johnson thanked scouts for coming, he was in cub/boy scouts.  Municipal government is a good career.  Mayor Penn thanked scouts, they support what scouts are doing, always things in city that need to be done.  Genesis pain and wellness opened up, they provide services not available elsewhere, Smoothie King is opening. 
  • Held a 26-minute executive session re:
    • Project Bratwurst
    • Project King Kong

  • Took no action.
  • Adjourned at 1953.
Tuesday, 2020, November 17