2021 May 01 Forney Council and FISD election results

These results are derived from Kaufman County results and are in no way official:

May 01, 2021 General Election
Unofficial Final - 0 of 28 precincts complete
KC MailKC EarlyKC May 01KC TotalTotal %
Forney Mayor
Mary Penn321318039621
Cassandra A. Primous (Sandi)074501247
Amanda Lewis98364441,28969
Andrea Caron Cannon0137201
John Daniel02123442
Forney Council Place 2
Shaun Myers (resigned)6313208527100
Mario Luna (withdrew)
Forney Council Place 4
Craig Chapman422516639522
Sarah Salgado88925001,40078
Forney Council Place 6
Jason Roberson118434981,352100
Forney ISD Place 3
Shanika McGaughey233125258527
Kimberly Carlton435924660928
Barbara Jo Green136563411,01046
KC MailKC EarlyKC May 01KC TotalTotal %
Forney ISD Place 4
Hanna Doan-Bateman137483681,08946
Cecil Chambers555039394840
Rogelio Hernandez117613030713
Saturday, 2021, May 1