2021 Bond Committee views more plans

During its regular July 13, 2021 meeting, the Forney Bond Committee met and considered bond election items.

  • The committee held another marathon 2.5 hour meeting and viewed presentations for:
    • new Main Fire Station, to replace the one downtown, which will soon become functionally obsolete. Will need a 4+ acre site. The bond money will only be used for needs of Forney citizens; needs of the Emergency Services District will be separate.
    • Fire station 2 expansion - this is close to capacity, as original build had to be scaled back due to construction costs. This would likely be done first, to allow coverage while new Station 1 being constructed. Bond funds would not cover apparatus.
    • Rec. center / library / civic center / Multi-Use meeting facility.
    • New City Hall? Or stay in current full facility, and have annexes.

  • Discussion items:
    • Using old FHS baseball fields
    • Having a fishing pond around Mulberry (as it's almost a pond anyway)
    • Options for wording on survey items.
    • Consultant highly recommends a May 2022 election, not a Nov. 2022 election.

  • Adjourned at 2025
Tuesday, 2021, July 13