Council considers sports facilities and tournament fees

July 20, 2021 Forney City Council considered business expansions, Oak Creek, sports agreements.
During its regular July 20, 2021 meeting, the Forney City Council met to consider business expansions, Oak Creek, sports association agreements, board appointments.  (watch official video)

  • Swore in newly appointed council member Cecil Chambers.
  • Mayor Lewis recommended changes to minutes for clarity on the Highland Prairie agenda item.
  • Public Comment -
    • Mr. Scott Grant said been a resident since 2011, city is well managed.  He spoke about reopening the library.  Has been two years since it was closed, except to FISD students.  As the pandemic has died down, and school is out for summer, don't know why people can't use the library.  He asked the council to look into it.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • of public improvements for the Forney ISD Rhodes Intermediate School and Jackson Middle School project.
    • a preliminary plat for the Deen Kubota Display Addition, located at 705 W. Broad Street.
    • a final plat for the Deen Kubota Display Addition, located at 705 W. Broad Street.
    • a preliminary plat for the Forster & Giles Subdivision, located southwest of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 frontage road and Pinson Road.
    • a final plat for the Forster & Giles Subdivision, located southwest of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 frontage road and Pinson Road.
    • a site plan for Dairy Queen, located southwest of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 frontage road and Pinson Road.

  • Approved the Oak Creek final plat, located south of the South F.M. 548 and Sycamore Trail intersection.
        Ms. Salgado requested this item be considered separately.  She asked about minimum square footage for lots; Mr. Morgan said it depends, but small family is 7200; this PD allows 4950 sq ft.  Zoning was approved in Oct. 2020.  Mayor Lewis said when council voted this through in Oct, it was with smaller requirements: width 45 instead of 60, side-yard 5 instead of 6 ft, front 20 instead of 25 ft.  117 homes, majority on 4950 sq. ft. lots.  Council has little ability to change this.  It is across from Chestnut Meadows, will have a 3 acre dog park.
  • Held Public Hearing -
    • Approved an Ordinance approving a Conditional Use Permit for Heavy Machinery Sales and Storage to operate at 705 W. Broad Street.
          Mr. Morgan said the dealership operates under a CUP, they desire to expand 2 acres to the west, on vacant land.  Plans show 18 ft landscape buffer and 4 ft berm.  Display will be past the buffer, there will be no structures on the property.  The existing (yellow) building will be demolished.  One response was received to public notices, in favor.
          There was no public input. 

  • Approved a site plan for Deen Kubota, located at 705 W. Broad Street.
        Mr. Morgan said this is the same item as the public hearing.
  • Approved the Field Use Agreements for all recreation sports at Parks Facilities for calendar year 2022, keeping the $10 fee, with credits for students with scholarships/sponsorships.
        Mr. Rouvaldt said the parks board discussed the fee structures, considered having city handle all association signups.  This is technically possible, but staff was nervous about the increase in work for staff.  The parks board approved maintaining the existing fee structure.  Ms. Salgado asked about concession stand fees; Mr. Rouvaldt said that is written into the agreements for each association.  Mr. Traylor asked about children awarded scholarships; Mr. Rouvaldt said the fee is levied on the association, how they enforce it is up to them, council could consider reimbursing those players. 
        Mr. Traylor asked about practice fields; Mr. Rouvaldt said lost use of FISD fields, soccer using all fields at Mulberry. Staff putting kids on any open piece of grass at community park for practice.  City has 2 Multi-Use (MU) lit fields, for all the teams in the city.  Hard to find practice space for everyone; Mr. Traylor said he feels for him, maybe the city owns other land that could be used for practice.  Mr. Rouvaldt said Forney is where everyone in the county comes to play. 
  • Considered all Tournament Agreements for recreation sports at Parks Facilities for calendar year 2022, approving park board recommendations for all sports except soccer.
        Mr. Rouvaldt said parks board considered that the city has all-encompassing tournament fee, of 2k for up to 4 fields for up to 3 days; staff decided flat fee easiest to work with. Board approved MU fields at 200/half day, 400/ full day, for residents.  Board suggested soccer tournament fees at 135/field, min 4 fields.  Mr. Rouvaldt feels that fee is a little high, suggests approval of board recommendations for baseball and softball, and MU, but to reconsider soccer.  Mayor Lewis verified his request; Mr. Rouvaldt said recommending a 15% of registration fee for soccer, so more proportional to staff needed.  He feels 4 field minimum is not good.  Staff requirements for baseball are higher than for soccer.
        There followed a lengthy discussion about field usage.
        Approved existing 2k fee structure for baseball/softball and Multi-Use fields at 200/400.
        Approved 4-2 (nay Cooper, Traylor) motion to set 15% fee for all soccer associations with one free tournament per year.
  • board and commission appointments:

    • Board of Adjustment: Judith Kennedy.  For alternate 2: Rebecca Jaquez
    • Building Standards Commission Board: Donna Glasgow
    • Planning and Zoning Commission: Helen Schlensker.

  • City Manager's report - Mr. Cardwell congrat to Mr. Chambers.  PW will be resurfaced on front street, until Aug 5, staff and vistors should use alternate parking.  8 paramedice students are 1/2 throuhg training, Nat'l park month will have mad science every morning ervery tuesday.  esports.  Bond cmte provided feedback about options, WRA is compiling survey for public, once approved by cmte.  Mayor Lewis asked if mailed or electornic; Mr. Cardwell said both, and more, about 15 questions.  Mayor Lewis asked,,, Mr. Cardwell said using paper mail, lean towards 60 days, be late Sept to get results.  cmte will not meet again until results provided.  Mr. Chambers asked about duplicates by citizens; Mr. Cardwell said will require an street address, also way to avoid duplicates electronically.  WRA say few will do both.  Mr. Roberson this helps assure city moving in right direction.  Mr. Traylor asked if using voter list? yes.  Have you considered the USPS every door service? Yes, but costs quite a bit higher.  Ms. Salgado asked about including in water bill; Mr. Cardwell said same problem as voter list, doesn't cover entire city.  Mayor Lewis asked who does mosquito spraying; it is supervised by PW Dep.
    Events - Aug 3 is forney family day, and FISD event, which will ask
  • Council Comments - none
  • Adjourned at 1936.
Tuesday, 2021, July 20