Board of Adjustments considers OC parking

During its regular Aug. 24, 2021 meeting, the Forney Board of Adjustments met and considered variances for the FISD OC.

  • Mr. Morgan briefed the new members on the board's scope and procedures.  The chairperson is absent, new vice-chair hasn't been appointed yet.
  • Held a Public Hearing -
    • Approved a parking variance and a landscape variance for the FISD Bell Opportunity Central, at the N.E. corner of Innovations Blvd and Inspiration Way.
          Mr. Morgan said FISD recently submitted site plan, which depends on this variance.  This facility will be for multiple uses, adjacent to new schools.  He asked if any members receive income from the FISD - no.
          This facility would normally require 3,151 parking spaces, but FISD believes 6k-seat stadium not being used during the day reduces the amount of parking required and 2,012 spaces is sufficient.  They also have 393 spaces at the schools.
          Ordinances require a certain number of trees for parking, and islands.  FISD doesn't want to have the islands, but would provide correct number of trees - staff believes this is reasonable request for such a large parking lot.  FISD mentioned the interior trees would interfere with security cameras.
          Mr. Morgan listed the considerations in the ordinance:
      1. special circumstances - Mr. Morgan said it would restrict the FISD land use to have 3k spaces. 
      2. necessary for preservation of property right - no issue. 
      3. not detrimental to public health, safety or welfare - FISD owns all adjacent property, affects no one else.  Traffic would be considered on site plan, not related to this variance
      4. won't affect adjacent property use.

      To find undue hardship -

      1. FISD believes 1100 spaces is unnecessary
      2. situation is not financial or self-imposed or affecting other properties in the same district: won't affect other property, cost of extra spaces not an issue
      3. won't injure adjacent property: no affect. 
      4. spirit of ordinance is not damaged with this request.

          There was no public input.
          Mr. Reese asked how many requirements they need to find - 3.  He asked about other activities.  Ms. Morisak said this will be a high-school facility, but flexible uses.  The gym at FHS is smaller than this, only seats 4k.  There are multiple gym floors.
          Ms. Jacquez asked if in future, could FISD use all facilities at once? Ms. Morisak said not likely.
          Mr. Reese asked if could fill parking spaces up during a game without extra spaces? Ms. Morisak said not according to specs.
          Mr. Kirk asked if 6k facility was full, would 2k spaces be sufficient? Architect said yes, assuming 3 people per car.
          Ms. Chandler asked if will be traffic lights? Ms. Morisak said in Oct will be a light at 740 and Inspiration, and 4 lane.  Study been done on Ranch Road, not likely to be a light.
          Board had no issue with the tree request.

  • Mr. Morgan said they will provide a training meeting with City Attorney to explain the abilities and obligations of the board.
  • Adjourned at 1950
Tuesday, 2021, August 24