Council learns about license plate cameras, debates the FISD OC

During its regular Sep. 21, 2021 meeting, the Forney City Council met to hear about license plate cameras, consider plats, Fox Hollow PID, Reeder Road agreement. (watch official video)

  • Mayor Lewis read a Proclamation for Constitution Week Sep. 17 - 23.
  • Mayor Lewis read a Proclamation for National IT Professionals Day for today, Sep. 21.
  • Presentation by Flock Safety
        Acting Police Chief Eudy said the grant for this item was not approved, will need city funding.  Cameras in use now: Windmill Farms: 30; Devonshire: 12; Travis Ranch: 30 with 30 more coming.  Constable Johnson and Sheriff Beavers both said there are substantial benefits to the system, including deterrence and leads on crimes.
        Jasmine Norton from Flock Safety described their ALPR system, and said there's been 30 cameras in Windmill Farms for 2 weeks and got 3 outstanding warrant arrests.  Video is owned by the agency (PD), deleted after 30 days, there is no facial recognition, not used for immigration or traffic enforcement.  There is a public Transparency Portal.  This is used for outstanding warrants, missing persons, stolen vehicles, etc.  These cameras can act as a deterrent, via the criminal grapevine.  No facial recognition, personally identifiable information,
        Mr. Chambers asked about maintenance - Flock Safety takes care of it.  These are mounted on fixed structures.  Mr. Traylor mentioned 1984 and Big Brother, asked about privacy tradeoff.  Chief Eudy said only view back end of vehicle, can't see the driver.  City would put some up at major intersections, some HOAs will be funding their own systems.  Mr. Chambers said this program has been a great tool in Dallas for stolen vehicles.
  • Public Comment
    • Mike Ellison said citizens are telling him need to get a comprehensive plan, don't know why one hasn't been done.  Don't need more rooftops, or developers who come and flash their cash.  Why does the city need to grow so fast, there's no benefit, FISD can't build schools fast enough.  Some growth is outside the city limits.  How could a school (Jackson/Rhodes) be opened without crosswalks, or sidewalks.  Safety is a big issue.  This week a Bus had a wreck, traffic had to stop in both directions.  He suggested they think about the plats on agenda tonight.
          Mayor Lewis said there is a comprehensive plan from 2016, considering firms to evaluate the comp plan is already planned, starting about November.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a final plat for Brookville Estates, Phase 2.
    • a final plat for Governor's Lots No. 2, located north of Clements Drive and west of Lake Ray Hubbard Drive.
    • a revised site plan for Shafer Plaza, located northwest of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 and Marketplace Boulevard.
    • a site plan for the Wildwood Apartments, located north of E. U.S. Highway 80 and west of Trailhouse Lane.
    • a Resolution approving the 2021 Annual Update to the Service and Assessment Plan and Assessment Rolls for The Villages of Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 (Capital PID) including the collection of the 2021 annual installments.

  • Approved 6-1 (Powers) a site plan for the Forney ISD Keith Bell Opportunity Central, located at the northeast corner of Innovation Boulevard and Inspiration Way.
        Mr. Morgan said The OC is a multipurpose facility, with higher ed and Pre-K classrooms, fine arts, Multi-purpose venue.  It is on 114 acres, vacant, NE of the aquatic center.  193k sq ft, 3 story structure.  Board of Adjustments approved two variances, for parking and landscaping.  This facility will be used outside normal school hours, so reduced number of spaces by 1k.  They will still have number of trees required, just not in interior.  P&Z voted 3-2 to approve.
        Dr Terry offered a video about traffic flow.  Mr. Traylor thanked them for all the work they are doing with The OC, but he has expressed concerns about safety, is afraid a death will occur before anything is done.  He was shocked about getting a letter from an attorney about council member voting no.  Dr. Terry said FISD has spent 9.5 million in 2 years to add/improve roads on their property, at Criswell spent 600k on a loop to get parents off the road.  On 1641 added more stacking space at Henderson to get traffic off 1641.  FISD has built as much road as can, have spent 1.7m on fees to the city.  Mr. Traylor said city and ISD need to work together.  Mayor Lewis said transportation committee meetings have included Dr. Terry and TxDOT.  Mr. Traylor asked when the roads will be addressed.  Mayor Lewis said a presentation is likely at next council meeting, already hired consultant for 740 / Criswell area.
        Dr. Terry said have added sidewalks on school property.  Mr. Traylor asked what city can do to help FISD with sidewalks; Mr. Daniels said they are actively discussing that, will work with the FISD.  Mr. Traylor said he wants a timeline.  Ms. Salgado asked when did Dr Terry join the transport committee meetings? Dr Terry said a few months ago, grateful to be a part of it, has spoken to county, State Rep, TxDOT, feel positive about the future.  Mayor Lewis said had meeting w/ TxDOT yesterday, reminded them about issues with future campuses.
        Mr. Traylor said a complaint of citizens is when they are told call TxDOT or County Commissioner instead of city, need to collaborate with everyone.  Mayor Lewis said a lot of roads are going to be built in next few years. 
        Mr. Roberson said they just approved plans for more apartments, FISD has to respond to all this growth, he applauds FISD for The OC.
  • Held Public Hearing -
    • Approved an ordinance levying special assessments against the assessable property within the Fox Hollow Public Improvement District No. 1 (Maintenance PID) and approving the final update to the Service and Assessment Plan, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 372 of the Texas Local Government Code. The PID contains approximately 813.605 acres of land generally located southeast of FM 548 between FM 1641 and FM 741 (Fox Hollow).
          Mr. Thatcher said this is what maintains all the open spaces.  Since 2004 city has levied the PID fees at 12 cents / $100.  This was recently turned over to residents, they submitted a slightly higher budget, but the rate will remain the same.  The council must act every year for this item.
          There was no public input.

  • Approved a Resolution approving a Developer Participation Agreement with Meadow Ridge Farm, LP for the construction of certain utility and road improvements for Reeder Road North from Gateway Boulevard to the City of Forney corporate limits.
        Mr. Thatcher said have had several of these recently, such as CR212.  This will start at roundabout, and go up to city limits.  This allows developers to be exempt from competitive bidding requirements, this is suitable for reimbursement from the TIRZ.
  • Took no action on an appeal to the City's Parkland Dedication determination associated with Windmill Farms Preliminary and Final Plats, Phases 4D-2 and 4D-3, in accordance with Section 212.904 of the Texas Local Government Code.
        Mr. Thatcher said earlier today received a communication stating developers are reviewing information, they requested a delay.
  • Events - FHS parade through downtown Sat 25th, St. Martins carnival also Sat.
  • Held a 20-minute executive session re:

    • Windmill Farms Preliminary and Final Plats, Phases 4D-2 and 4D-3
    • EEOC Charge No. 450-2020-04724, Ivey, Marquis v. City of Forney

  • Adjourned at 1942
Tuesday, 2021, September 21