Park board ponders new Multi-Use fields

During its regular Feb. 16, 2022 meeting, the Forney City Parks Board met and considered new Multi-Use Fields.

  • Public Comment - none
  • Multi-Use Field Project - Mr. Rouvaldt said previously spoke about skate park, now council has earmarked funds for Multi-Use (MU) fields.  Updating plans ParkHill (formerly Schrickle/Rollins) drew up.  He spoke about how the fields and parking lots need to be shuffled around.  Might end up with 3 MU fields.  Parkhill is giving him drawings, waiting on construction costs.  Expect 8-10 months to build, part of which is sodding and protecting the turf.  Mr. Dettmer verified field 13 usable until early Fall, then will re-sod.  Mr. Rouvaldt said exploring all options to avoid reducing soccer fields.  Ms. Beasley asked about 3 MU fields - there was a discussion about how parking will be arranged.  This will have parking closer to the fields.  There was discussion about costs - the 525k council approved might only be enough for parking lot.  The lighting is expensive.
  • Recreational Opportunities - John: opened esports registration, until Mar. 12.  He's working with FISD staff.  Mr. Rouvaldt said ISD growing rapidly, short on resources right now. 
  • Department Report - soccer had almost 2k kids, 150 more per season.  Terrell soccer association folded, many coming over from that.  They are at least 15 coaches short.  Baseball practice starts soon.  Adult softball has 4 teams, not growing.  Splashpad will have some updates, opens in May.  Planted wildflowers and bluebonnets near tennis courts, should be good for pictures. 
        Ricky: Art and Wine Festival w/ FAC, 6 artists so far, Enos helping also.  Movies in park, starting spring-break Friday.  May Memorial-day 5k.  Mr. Rouvaldt said for wine walk, will close Main St, will not have food trucks, will have officer at crosswalk.  Ricky said working with FDBA also.  Enos will have the liquor license for the event.  July 4, Brews on Bois d'Arc coming in Sep.  JAC - haven't reserved any concert dates yet.  Mr. Rouvaldt expects them to have 80% of acts in fall.
  • Adjourned at 1940.
Wednesday, 2022, February 16