Council decides Ted Nugent will be last JAC concert

During its regular June 07, 2022 meeting, the Forney City Council met to proclaim DeafBlind Week, recognized Juneteenth, consider saving some money, work on buildings at 118/120 E. Main, and discuss proposed bond packages, then terminated the JAC contract.(watch official video)

  • Mayor Lewis read a Proclamation for Helen Keller DeafBlind Awareness Week June 26 – July 2, presented to Amanda Bowden.
  • Mayor Lewis read a Proclamation for Juneteenth for this Sunday, June 19, presented to Darryl Malloy.
  • Public Comment
    • Linda Gamble spoke about June 3rd incident, citizens should have been made aware of the situation, many people walk early in the mornings.  She said the city should have let citizens know their lives could be in danger.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • public improvements for Project Blue Jay.
    • public improvements for the Vantrust Gateway Industrial Addition project.
    • a Resolution approving a professional services agreement with WRA Architects, Inc. to provide municipal bond planning services and all related issues.
    • a Resolution approving a contract with TGDS, d/b/a ParmaDesign, to provide consulting and design services for Renovations to City Facilities at 118 and 120 E. Main Street project - CIP 218 and all related issues.
    • the Task Authorization with Fitzpatrick Design Construction Services Group LLC for Renovations of City Facilities (118 and 120 E Main Street) Project and all related issues.
    • the Task Authorization with Fitzpatrick Design Construction Services Group LLC for Fire Station No. 2 Renovations and Expansion Project and all related issues.

  • Approved all matters incident and related to providing for the redemption of certain outstanding bonds of the City, including the adoption of a resolution pertaining thereto.
        Ms. Powers requested this pulled for public information; Ms. Woodham said the bonds covered several road projects.  Each year TxDOT pays the city about 4 mln, will be 40 m total, have received 39 mln so far.  Have redeemed 19 mln of bonds early, saving over 9.3 mln.  This redemption will save 751k.  Have received maximum payout since 2016.
  • Discussion of proposed bond projects and possible action.
        Mr. Zook gave a brief history of the bond committee work, up to when council decided to move to Nov election and instructed staff to review the numbers.  Some projects remained, roads expanded, including a bridge over RR, location to be determined.  He said there was a lot of discussion about costs - it's challenging to know what something will cost in 10 years.  Council was provided docs on Friday; the WRA action was approved in consent item.  November is closer than you think.
        Highly summarized version of a long discussion: WRA Rep's presented their mostly-unchanged plan, with 4 packages totaling 218,700,000.  There was much discussion about the public safety (fire dept) aspects, consensus was to go back to having it as a bond package instead of funding some of it from cash reserves.  There was discussion about combining packages - financial Rep. Mr. Bulash stated recent legislation requires bond items to be voted on separately, and ballot must be approved by TX AG.  Mr. Detmer spoke about work the bond committee had done.  Mr. Rouvaldt talked about the Parks items.
        In the end, consensus was to go with what was presented, possibly with removal of 4.6 mln for Ranch Road.
  • Held a 46-minute executive session re:
    • JAC Facility Entertainment Management Agreement
    • ATI Systems negotiations
    • Potential sale of City right-of-way
    • City Attorney Contract
    • Project Eclipse

  • Approved allowing survey of city-owned property near 404 E. Brooks at requestors' cost.
  • Approved terminating JAC contract upon completion of the Ted Nugent concert.
  • Adjourned at 2127
Tuesday, 2022, June 7