FISD gets public feedback, adopts new budget

During its regular June 27, 2022 meeting, the Forney Independent School District Board met to hear from the public, consider 2023 budget

  • Issued Certificate of Election to newly elected board member Ms. Katrina Black/Burkhalter
  • Administered Oath of Office to newly elected board member
  • 2022-2023 Budget Public Hearing
        Mr. John Chase, Chief Financial Officer, said budget in 4 parts, first 15 pages are a good overview.  They work with a demographer to be sure don't over/under budget.  Expecting 9.4% annual growth for 5-10 years, but 17% for next year, and by 2027 over 25k students.  Preliminary property valuation is about 23.7% higher this year.  (the chart shows more than double 2018 valuation) Combined budget is 204.7 mln, expenses 198.5 mln.  81% of general fund is payroll.  Tax rate could be 1.7 cents lower when get compressed rate from state.  General Fund get 44.7% from local taxes, 54.7% from State, and 0.6% Federal.
        The Board approved a 3% increase for all staff, raised retention stipend to 2%.  First year for health savings account of 600, totaling 1.3 mln.  There are 133 more staff than last year.
        Maintenance contingency of 500k, Security of 250k.  School buses ordered for $1 mln.  Capital Improvements fund of 1.4 mln, will wait to see how enrollment goes before spend much.  Replaced much of lighting with LED, and fund of 1.3 mln for chromebooks, 1.6 mln to upgrade WiFi and switches. 
        Budget is balanced, will have 2.5 month reserve, not including 10 mln for debt service payments.  Revenue not increasing as fast as enrollment due to underpayments. 
        Food Service increase over last year, will be first year in a while to have normal service.  Federal program not being renewed for 2023.  Will have to return to charging students for meals.
        Debt Service revenue: 99% is from property taxes and interest.  Expect a surplus of 6 mln, not including bond payments.
        Ms. Black asked about certain line items.  Mr. Chase said some intermediary funds were from county for library, which don't do, and county gives some funds for child safety.  Ms. Black asked about bond in Aug, she asked about elem and middle renovations - Mr. Chase said gym at Rhae, and probably Smith.  Dr. Terry asked for clarification on Ms. Black's question - he said the 2 items are not related to 22? bond.  Ms. Black asked how expenses will be presented to board - Dr. Terry said they have triggers that causes them to bring it to board.  Mr. Chase said they have authority to issue the bonds listed, others must be approved by the board.  Ms. Black asked about HS staffing, security guards, reducing from 15 to 10 across schools.  Mr. Chase said actually raising number of guards, working with private security company, then FISD police, should be at least 4 unarmed guards at High School.
  • Monthly Financial Report
        Mr. Chase said revenue at 82% = last year, expenses at 89% vs 84% last year, due to aquatic training center funding.  Food service revenue at 114%, got some unexpected federal income .  last year were at 62%.  expenses 81% vs. 72%. 
  • Public Comment - Pres. Pharris explained the rules, each speaker limited to 2 minutes, complaints about employees should be done via appropriate administrative process

  • Held a recess
  • Approved as one consent item, with Ms. Black abstaining:

    • Allotment and TEKS Certification, 2022-2023
    • ONCOR Easement for Innovation Blvd
    • Purchase of Laserfiche User Licenses
    • Purchase of Food Service Equipment

  • Approved the 2022-2023 budget as presented
        Mr. Chase reviewed the data presented earlier in the meeting.
        Dr. Terry thanked Mr. Chase and team for presenting an outstanding budget, expecting tax rate lowered by 1.7 cents.
  • Approved the 2022-2023 employee compensation plan
        Mr. Chase said the plan was included in the budget packet, the midpoints moved (up) about 2%.
        Dr. Terry said they continually look at market competitiveness.
  • Approved amendment to 2021- 2022 budget
        Mr. Chase said normally do as consent item, but this is last one of the year.  Revenue unchanged, expenses changes were mostly payroll, sometimes projections are off due to increased hiring. 
        Dr. Terry said it's amazing how flexible they had to be during pandemic.
  • Approved construction bids
        Mr. Chase said Gallagher does all the bidding, introduced Von, who said bids for transportation center, had good turnout on bids, got a new vendor who saved them 300k on one item.  The savings allow them to do more paving.  The budget has 400k for contingencies, hope don't have to spend any.  Been fortunate so far on bids.
        Dr. Terry recommended approving bids as presented, before prices fluctuate more.
  • 2022 TASB delegate/alternate selection
        Mr. Johnson nominated Ms. Bateman as delegate and Mr. Pharris as alternate.  That was approved.
  • Held a one-hour-50-minute executive session re:

    • Deliberation Regarding the Ratification of Employment of Professional Contract Personnel
    • Consultation with Attorney, Pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code ?551.071
    • Deliberation and Legal Consultation: Team of 8 Training and Review of Board Operating Procedures

  • Approved ratification of employment of professional contract personnel as discussed in Closed Session
    Monday, July 4 Holiday/Independence Day
    Tuesday, August 2 Convocation at FB Sunnyvale
    Monday, August 8 Monthly Board Meeting
    Thursday, August 11 First Day of School
    Monday, September 12 Monthly Board Meeting
  • Adjourned at 2124
Monday, 2022, June 27