Council approves new wholesale water contracts

During its regular Nov. 01, 2022 meeting, the Forney City Council met to honor Mr. Webb, get an FEDC update, consider wholesale water contracts.
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  • Mayor Lewis read a Proclamation for Municipal Courts Week Nov. 7 - 11.
  • Recognition of Forney area resident, Charlie Webb, for his assistance with a recent residential fire. Chief Briggs said Mr. Webb helped control the fire with a garden hose until the FFD arrived and contained it. After talking to Mr. Webb, he found that Mr. Webb was a retired Dallas fire fighter.
  • Public Comment
    • Mr. Robert Hollman said on Halloween, he visited the Forney Cemetery Halloween night, visiting the grave of the first Forney Mayor. He said the ground trembled as Avery Duke rolled in his grave upon hearing "his homestead was in danger of being demolished by some short sighted people who want to build a bridge and a road to add more traffic to the already crowded downtown area." He commented "a council member son was caught stealing those vote no signs." He urged everyone to vote no for the bonds.

  • Presentation on current and future projects of the Forney Economic Development Corporation.
    FEDC director Ms. Spencer gave a lengthy update on developments in the area.

  • Approved a Resolution approving the Wholesale Water Contract with High Point SUD.
    City Attorney Ms. Smith read a summary of the contract. current rate is 163% of wholesale. The water districts filed an appeal about the rates. PUC held a hearing Oct 2019, staff recommended denial. Both parties asked for abatement, negotiations continued. The new rate will be 128% allowing Forney to cover costs.
  • Approved a Resolution approving the Wholesale Water Contract with Talty SUD.
  • Tabled a Development Agreement between the City of Forney and 38 ON 1641, LP for the development of an approximate 37.8064 acres of land located on FM 1641.
    Ms. Smith said this came before council at beginning of year under the name Platform 80/20. Developer has spoken with staff and EDC about adding retail, that is the only change to the agreement. They have zoning for warehouses, distribution centers and general retail. This would still be annexed into the city if approved.
    Several council members found the idea strange. Ms. Spencer said this will be similar to Lovett development.
    Mayor Lewis asked about a previous plan to put a road through to 1641, which the council opposed, they didn't want truck traffic on 1641. Mr. Zook said they would build part of expanding Akron Way. There will be a gap where they terminate and up to 212.
    At some point applicant Tyler spoke about the concept of having retail in with LI and warehouses. It would mostly be showrooms for businesses that have need for warehouse space. They primarily develop LI, not trying to compete with other retail space.
    Ms. Schlensker moved to table it until next meeting so they can see more information on it.

  • City Manager's report - deadline to apply for ARPA grant is Friday. city and STL holding a car show at park nov 13. FFD car seat safety program is live, to provide installation training. Early voting runs until nov 4. He intro nicholas nicks, a grant writer,froms a childrens advocacy center.
  • Upcoming Events - farmers mkt nov 12, vet day kaufman in terrell
    nov 12, blood drive at jackson/rhodes. mobile food pantry nov 5. Ms. Schlensker thanked staff and bond committee
    for work on bond program, and citizens on both sides of the fence. During past months citizens have raised many quesitons. Should ,,, Should not allow anger to turn into hatred, tearing the town apart. Can't live in the past,
    but should learn from it.
  • Held a 36-minute executive session re:

  • Adjourned at 1950
Tuesday, 2022, November 1