P&Z again considers retail center on 548

During its regular Jan. 03, 2019 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission met and in summary:

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a request to rezone property from Agricultural District to Planned Development District with a base zoning of General Retail District. The property consists of approximately 5 acres located east of S. F.M. 548 and north of the Grayhawk Planned Development.
          Mr. Morgan said previous considerations in Oct & Sep were for 3 acres, and there were concerns about lack of control. The item was tabled by council, applicant is now requesting a PD. This would allow uses-by-right, not any by CUP. Additional landscaping is required for screening for parking. Outdoor storage prohibited. Plans show 2 buildings, 12k each. CMU meets masonry requirements. TxDOT did not approve 2 driveways, and stated a TIA must be done and approved. Comp plan offers no advice as this was recently annexed. No responses to this notice, but at first meeting two homeowners spoke against retail and additional traffic.
          The proposed cottonwood trees are not acceptable. Staff wants to require specific plans. Across the street, Overland Grove has approved a retail site. Mr. Thomas asked what the size is; Mr. Morgan said developer is focusing on residential now, could be a few years. Mr. Thomas said he doesn't see room in the plans for gas station - Mr. Morgan said there are no plans for gas station. Mr. Thomas asked if the applicant realizes once this is approved, it is what they must build - Mr. Morgan said that was stated several times. Mr. Shimkus asked if there would be screening along the Grayhawk homes - Mr. Morgan said standards limit the amount of light pollution allowed, and the building is some distance from the homes. Mr. Chambers asked if anything on N. side - no.
          K Taylor said this backs up to their property, they have no trees. The trash containers would be better on other side of property. In the current strip centers, available, why would want more. This is a terrible spot for one. Traffic in mornings is bad. What will happen with all the land behind the buildings. She wondered what kind of businesses would be there, and how late they would be open.
          Mr. Thomas asked if a traffic light was scheduled for entrance at Overland - Mr. Morgan said his understanding is in the future there could be one, but no specific plans.
          Mr. Wilcoxson asked about the location of gas line easement.
          Mr. Taylor asked about lighting - would still be able to see parking lot lights, would like to see requirements when lights are on; Mr. Morgan said there is no way to regulate the fixtures, lights being on are up to owner. Mr. Thomas said the light is supposed to be focused on the property - Mr. Morgan said yes, ordinance regulates glare, but residents will be able to tell it is a lit area. Mr. Shimkus asked could approve with trees for screening; Mr. Morgan said if commission desires. They discussed the dumpster placement. Mr. Wilcoxson asked how can be developed w/ high pressure gas line ; Mr. Morgan said it can't. There is a section behind that can be developed, applicant has not provided plans for that. Mr. Thomas pointed out the PD is what they told applicant he needed to do.
          Mr. Shimkus moved to approve with additional tree screening on S side, and approval of TIA. Mr. Morgan suggested amending to be dense opaque screening, PM mentioned they discussed moving the dumpster. Mr. Thomas said there might be a problem with drainage. PM said they have excess parking, could use some spaces. Mr. Chambers asked about # fixtures; Mr. Morgan didn't have that info.

  • Approved a site plan for Lakepointe Retail, located east of S. F.M. 548 and north of the Grayhawk Planned Development with the same stipulations for zoning request.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for the Goodyear Addition, located at the southwest corner of S. Gateway Boulevard and U.S. Highway 80.
        Mr. Morgan said the 102 acres are in the project Fireball, plat is one lot with new road connection to Gateway blvd. Mr. Thomas asked if the road was city or private; city, does not connect to 212, and is a 2-lane road w/ row for expansion.
  • Approved a preliminary plat for Victorian Village on Main Street, located northeast of the intersection of E. Main Street and Chestnut Street.
        Mr. Morgan said site plan was approved by council Sept. Plat is 4 lots, primary access from Main and Chestnut. Ms. Holler asked if parking was in back - yes. She asked if access to buildings is from parking lots - Mr. Terry said yes. Mr. Shimkus said the rear of the buildings will be pulled away from RR - Mr. Terry said yes, to move the buildings closer to the street for style.
  • Approved a final plat for Victorian Village on Main Street, located northeast of the intersection of E. Main Street and Chestnut Street.
  • Adjourned at 1911.
Thursday, 2019, January 3