FISD honors students, teachers

During its regular May 13, 2019 meeting, the Forney Independent School District Board met to honor Students and Teachers

  • Held a 30-minute executive session
  • Jack Wilkie, Pastor at Forney Church of Christ
  • U.S. Flag - Secondary Student-of-the-Month, Megan Kissi, 12th Grade Student at North Forney High School, introduced by Ms. Brandi Hosack, Principal at North Forney High School
  • Texas Flag - Elementary Student-of-the-Month, Hope Glasson, 6th Grade Student at Henderson Elementary, introduced by Ms. Laurie Branch, Principal at Henderson Elementary
  • Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Principal of Forney High School, introduced Top Ten Students: Callie Minter; Dell Donehoo, Mattison Rooney, Savannah Cottrell, Nirali Patel, Halle O'Pry, Cathryn White, Jordan Englert, Salutatorian Samuel Ivie, Valedictorian William Crawford.
  • Mr. Todd Hopkins, Asst. Principal of North Forney High School, introduced Top Ten Students: Jason Whitaker, Megan Kissi, Kennedy Depappe, Jayden Thompson, Kaitlyn Fitch, Brittany Whitcher, Shannon Boyle, Thomas Howard, salutatorian Austin Begin, valedictorian Madeline Burer.
  • North Forney High School Indoor Percussion Ensemble
        Mr. Mario Luna, Director of Fine Arts said they had first-ever performance at World Championship in Dayton on Apr. 11, 12. Their final performance, at midnight, earned second place. This is the first appearance of any Forney fine arts group at World Championships. Taylor Adams, Molly Angel, Mia Clarizio, Ryan Coldiron, Amanda Daniels, MaKenzi Everett, Khalfanie Foreman, Lizzy Hays, Justus Hillman, Valory Justice, Lorraine Macharia, Hannah Manning, Nathan Mendoza, Adam Porterie, Dominic Rosas, Corena Scott, Jordan Sutcliffe, Nicholas Vinton, Evan Waugh, Dawson Welch, Emily Wells, Dylan Wells, Elita Yemane.
  • Forney High School FFA -
    Ms. Donna Selman, Coordinator of Future Readiness & CTE introduced Mackenzie Adams, Nate Bocanegra, Taylor Bosher, Presley Donahue, Alexis Garcia, Fernando Grijalva, Christopher Longshore, Leah Lopez, Lillian Odle, Calie Sanders, Kimberlynn Sanders, Hunter Shaw, Emma Snow.
  • North Forney High School FFA
    Ms. Selman introduced Melony Alvarez, Jacob Baker, Taylor Beckner, Olivia Black, McKenna Briley, Kolby Bruhn, Triniti Craven, Emily Dobbs, Kelsey Goins, Justin Harris, Alyssa Higgins, Tristin Johnson, Faith Mayfield, Ariel Neal, Mikki Owens, Alysson Rogers, Micah Smith, Lyndzey Smith, Cullen Tingle, Kamryn Turnbow, Carter Turnbow, Kelsey Turnbow, Andrew Walker.
  • Forney High School Boys Soccer - All-State Academic
    Mr. Neal Weaver, Director of Athletics, said they must achieve 92 grade level to be all-state, then introduced Matthew Huffman, Omar Soldevilla.
  • Forney High School Girls Soccer - All-State Academic
    Mr. Weaver introduced Hannah Yudizky, Madison Lewis, Anna Enochs.
  • North Forney High School Girls Soccer - All-State Academic
    Mr. Weaver introduced Shannon Boyle, Madison Lingerfelt, Loryn Lamonte, Elizabeth Lewis (who was also all-state goalie).
  • Forney High School Track - All-State Academic
    Mr. Weaver introduced introduced Tyilar Hanney, Cassidy Hill, Drisany Hernandez, Madeline Milby, Arissa Ramirez.
  • Forney High School Track State Qualifier
    Mr. Weaver introduced Bracie Vaugh in 100-meter hurdles.
  • Forney High School State UIL
    Ms. Judy Webber, Chief of Learner Services
  • North Forney High School State UIL

    Ms. Webber introduced Del Donehoo; 5th place news writing; Conner Krieg, 4th place current issues; Thomas Salisbury, Kevin Harvy, Jordan Milliorn.

  • Forney ISD Elementary Teachers of the Year

    Ms. Webber presented: Laurie Martinez at Blackburn, Mary Ladwig at Claybon, Lauren Smith at Criswell, Sarah Long at Crosby, Erin Duplissey at Henderson, Angie Harlan at Johnson, Amy Stout at Lewis, Chasity Crawford at Rhea, Lacey Wright at Smith, Cari Petrea at FLA.

  • Forney ISD Secondary Teachers of the Year
    Ms. Webber presented: Sally Waite at Brown, Marissa Moore at Warren, Sarah Cypert at FHS, Clarence McClung at NFHS, Connie Martens at FLA.
  • Announce District Elementary and

    Secondary Teacher of the Year
    Ms. Webber announced Angie Harlan at Johnson
    and Sarah Cypert at FHS.

  • 2019 Best Communities for Music Education Award
    Ms. Webber presented to Mr. Luna the National Assoc. of Music Merchants award for exceptionally high commitment to music education, for the 5th consecutive year.
  • Forney Leadership 2.0 Participants

    Ms. Sandi Whitley, Director of Future Learning introduced the group of 23 people who went through the training.

  • Dr. Terry introduced Ron Sterling Jr. who will be the new Director of Student Services; he was the principal at Sunnyvale HS. Mr. Sterling said he was excited about this opportunity, he has kept tabs on FISD as a neighboring district.
  • Accepted Donation From the North Forney Baseball Bull Pen Club North Forney Baseball Bull Pen Club would like to donate $10,000 to NFHS Athletics to replace equipment lost or damaged due to smoke damage.
    Ms. Brandi Hosack, Principal at North Forney High School presented the donation of $10k
  • Accepted Donation From the Crosby Elementary PTO Crosby PTO would like to donate $6000.00 to the principal activity fund to purchase six Boxlights for their campus. Ms. Leslie Rader, Principal at Crosby Elementary presented the $6k donation.
  • Accepted Donation From the Lewis Elementary PTO: $10,000 for new furniture in the library. Ms. Jenny Harstrom, Principal at Lewis Elementary presented the $10k donation.
  • Public Comment - none
  • Monthly Financial Report - Mr. John Chase, Chief Financial Officer about 75% through year, revenue about expected at 76%. Expenses at 72%. Cash and investment balances at $58 million.
  • Quarterly Investment Reports - Mr. Chase 59.7 mil at City Bank or 3 investment pools, 1.1% - 2.6%, $416k earned.
  • 3rd Quarter Tax Collection Report - Mr. Chase tax levy is 62 mil, 97.3% collected, about average amounts. AG rollbacks are $600k, highest in several years, won't have much AG left.
  • Financial Advisor Report - Mr. Chase said sold remaining $21.6 mil bonds from 2006 to construct additions at 4 schools, Mr. Christian Merritt from Live Oak Financial showed capacity charts: in 2015 expected 4% growth with deficits at 50c rate for years 2019 - 2025, starting at $5 million this year, decreasing to $1 mil in 2025. In 2015 had S&P A- Rating, upgraded to A+, huge kudos to board and staff.
        Did sell remaining bonds from 2006, total rate of 3.73% is fantastic, call date of 8 years (instead of standard 10 yr). New chart shows amount of capacity, after 2019 will save 3.8 mil. I&S required slightly lower. They used CAD growth estimates of 4%. Entire district Preliminary values show 20.5% increase to $4.5 billion. Demographers report - starts per ADA more relevant. He recommends keeping tax rate at 50c. All authorized bonds have been issued. Super. Terry praised the board for their work over 5 yrs. It's great to see going from 16c over to 10c under the cap, as well as the A+ rating.
  • Approved as one consent item:

    • Budget Amendment
    • Statement of Impact Form(s) from Charter School(s) Could Have a Major Financial Impact on Forney ISD:
          International Leadership of Texas - Adding Three New Campuses in South Dallas

  • Approved bids for Proposals pertaining to additions and renovations for Blackburn Elementary, Criswell Elementary, Crosby Elementary, Henderson Elementary and Lewis Elementary.
        Mr. Chase said have RFPs out. Von Gallagher spoke about bids on 25th, pleased with them, many bidders w/ similar numbers, close to budget. Able to move $300k from Smith & Rhae to this, so can do paving alternates now. Demolition crews are hard to find in summer, working with local company N. TX. Drywall Systems for that item.
  • Approved Zeno Office Solutions copier lease
        Ms. Kim Morisak, Chief of Information, Innovative and Technology Services, said using two managers now, Zeno is new company they brought in last year, pleased with the kyocera machines, Zeno offering a buy-out of existing copiers, will save on monthly lease $7k. 5c / color copy, .004 b&w. 4 hour emergency response time, 48 hour loaner program. Mr. Carroll asked about bail-out clause - yes, but history shows they have no complaints.
  • Ratification of employment of Professional Contract Personnel - approved As Discussed in Closed Session.
  • Adjourned at 1947
    (photos courtesy of Forney ISD)
Monday, 2019, May 13