BoA considers ANBoT sign variances

During its Sep. 10, 2019 meeting, the Forney Board of Adjustments met to consider American National Bank of Texas requests.

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved variances to the sign regulations of Section 48 of the City of Forney Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.   The request is for American National Bank of Texas, located at 104 Regal Drive.
          Mr. Morgan briefed the board: located at Regal & Hwy 80 service road.   The front "north" sign size is ok, but do request 2 signs (the logo).   On west and east, allowed 15 sq. ft., similar to last week's request.   They also request 2 signs per side.   The new language applies to existing buildings, so only the 4 criteria are applicable.
          The board discussed the logos/multiple-signs first, determined applicant's design was unique, and the request met the exception requirements.
          The board then considered the size of the name signs.   The sign designer stated the letters are 18 inches tall, the name is quite long, can't be built in 15 sq. ft.   Mr. Trent Brown explained the company was branding all locations with the full name.   The board determined 3 exceptions were met.
          There was no public input.
          Both requests were approved.

  • Adjourned at 1848.
Tuesday, 2019, September 10