Council appoints Charter Review, Hall of Honor committees

During its regular Sep. 17, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Council Proclaimed Constitution Week, approved 2019-20 budget, appointed members to boards, a Charter Review committee and Hall of Honor committee: (watch official video)

  • Constitution Week Proclamation - Mayor Penn read the proclamation for Sep. 17 -23, accompanied by members of Daughters of the American Revolution.
  • Public Comment - none.
  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a final plat for Firestone Addition, located southeast of the intersection of F.M. 548 and the Union Pacific Railroad.
    • a preliminary plat for Forney Daycare Addition, located east of the F.M. 741 and Monitor Boulevard intersection.
    • a revised site plan for Chick-fil-a, located at 900 E. U.S. Highway 80.
    • a revised site plan for C-Life Church, located at 204 F.M. 1641.
    • Accept Public Improvements - Primrose School of Forney

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved an Ordinance approving a conditional use permit for Auto Repair (Minor) to operate on property located southeast of the intersection of F.M. 548 and the Union Pacific Railroad.
          Mr. Morgan said this is for Firestone, N. of Racetrac, use requires CUP.   Plans to provide tire sales/installation, tuneups, alignments; no major engine or transmission repairs, or paint/body work.   Building is 6,424 square feet w/ 8 bay doors, no outdoor storage.   P&Z approved.   Notices mailed and published in newspaper provided no responses.   Mr. Myers asked if parking lots would line up; Mr. Morgan said yes, and shared access to 548.
          There was no public input.
    • Approved an Ordinance approving a conditional use permit for a child care center to operate east of the F.M. 741 and Monitor Boulevard intersection.
          Mr. Morgan said applicant believes this parking will be preferable as parents must bring students in.   Connects to Monitor and shared with adjacent lot to 741.   P&Z approved with proposed parking.
          There was no public input.
          Mr. Moon & Mayor Penn expressed approval of this parking arrangement.
    • 2025 Vision - no update
    • Approved an Ordinance adopting the amended budget for fiscal year 2018-2019.
          Ms. Woodham stated the amendments were presented in the proposed budget.
    • Considered an ordinance adopting the annual budget for Fiscal Year 2019-20.   Approved ratification of proposed tax increase for 2019-20 budget.   Then approved adopting proposed budget for 2019-20 with $200k from EDC and using $3500 from 2018-19 HOT funds for Sharing the Love Foundation (STL) for advertising for Turkey Trax only.
          Ms. Woodham said this adopts the budget as presented Aug 6 and Aug. 20.   The EDC met Thursday and approved $200k for Christmas Lights.   Ms. Powers suggests an amendment - STL is asking for funds for Turkey Trax.   FAC has cancelled wine walk.   She suggested they provide 6500 for advertising.   Mr. Thatcher said state law requires them to ratify the tax revenue increase, then adopt budget and provide amendments.   Mr. Thomas asked if Ms. Powers request would increase the tax rate; Ms. Woodham said there are $63k in unused HOT funds.   Mr. Thomas verified that future HOT funds would be allocated as budgeted.
          There was no public input.
    • Considered an ordinance levying ad valorem taxes for Fiscal Year 2019-20.
          Ms. Woodham said rate is about 4 cents lower.   Mayor Penn said she's excited to see taxes going down.
          Approved increasing the tax rate by adopting the 0.58 rate which is effectively a 3.5% increase.
    • Approved amending the Code of Ordinances by amending the Master Fee Schedule to reflect changes to certain fees and miscellaneous permits.
          Ms. Woodham said this will match the fees to the budget just approved.
    • Approved a site plan for Firestone, located southeast of the intersection of F.M. 548 and the Union Pacific Railroad.
          Mr. Morgan said this is same as discussed earlier, P&Z unanimously approved.
    • Approved Children's Lighthouse, located east of the F.M. 741 and Monitor Boulevard intersection.
          Mr. Morgan said details same as public hearing, P&Z unanimous approved, removing required semicircular drive.
    • Approved a Resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute a contract with Ice Stars for the operation of a seasonal Ice Rink at Forney Community Park.
          Mr. Carson said similar to what was approved last two years.   Mr. Myers asked if there is a resale value; Mr. Carson said don't know, is why they recommend leasing.
    • Board Appointments: Ms. Brooks said having trouble with building standards commission, alternate positions haven't been filled.   Mr. Thomas asked how often they met: Mr. Morgan said few times per year.   Mr. Thomas asked if could merge with ARB - Ms. Brooks said it was merged w/ BOA, then were separated.   Mr. Thatcher said would have to look into it.   ARB is same as HOZ, restrictions on who can serve on it.   Mr. Thomas said the charter review committee could look into merging boards.   Mr. Myers asked if could make the meetings regular and cancel if not needed; Mr. Morgan said must send out legal notices, so board has 30 day notice.   Mayor Penn said if it's not in writing, could allow members on more than 1 board.   Mr. Thatcher membership on multiple boards could result in conflicts.   Mr. Thomas said that would need to be in writing.   appointed Sandra Carrasco to vacant position, and Ricky Newsome, Ryan Childress, Delyn Ramey to alternate positions.
          Park Board vacancy: Mr. Johnson said this board has been difficult to fill, people need to commit the time to attend, otherwise resign.   Mr. Thomas asked if Mr. Curry knew any of the applicants: only 1.   Mr. Thomas said development can't go to P&Z until goes through Parks.   Appointed Bennie Jones.
    • Approved a Resolution regarding appointing members to the Charter Commission, Issuing the Commissions Charge.
          Mr. Thatcher said this committee would review the charter and suggest changes, council could approve ballot items for May election.   Charter states 10 members on board.   Mr. Johnson would like to be on it.   Mr. Thomas asked what time frame: Mr. Thatcher said middle Jan.   Mr. Thomas asked if they select positions, or if the group would; Mr. Thatcher said the committee would, will be public meetings, with posted agendas.   Mr. Thatcher said don't need to vote on each member.   Mr. Thomas nominated Andy Parker; Mr. Myers: Roger Cross; Ms. Powers: Rodney Vike; Mayor Penn: Wende Hawthorne; Mr. Moon: Weldon Bowen; Mr. Cooper: Joe Dan McBeth; Mr. Johnson: Garry Murray.   Mr. Thomas was on original committee, would like to be on this one; Mr. Myers would also.
    • Approved a Resolution regarding the creation of the Hall of Honor and appointing members to the Committee.
          Appointed members: Fred Alexander, Debbie Stewart, Mike Adams, Chief Townsend, Jeff Dewberry, Don Themer.   Mr. Thatcher suggested council provide details.   Mr. Moon said the group should make all the decisions.
    • City Manager's report -
          FHS parade on sat, next meeting is at 5:30. Mr. Johnson said the grade crossing at bois darc is rough, who's responsibility? Mr. sailer said UP-RR within 25 ft. Mr. Johnson asked about marketplace marking; Sailler said they are getting quotes. broad st sewer should be done end of sept, on time.
    • Council Comments -
      Mr. Myers thanked neal for responding to water issue? concrete blocks? Ms. Powers thanks public, hattie west for serving for many years; Mr. Johnson thanked staff for budget, could have gone higher on tax rate, other cities had bad publicity for using full amount, attending TML dinner, important to meet with counterpoints, state govt more anti-local; Mayor Penn said was a time when council didn't want long-time board members, she spoke to Ms. West who was very passionate about serving; congrats to combat fire team, who got 1st place in relay.
    • Held a 1-hour 20-minute executive session re:
      • Victorian Village
      • Amended (#1) Master Consolidated Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Forney and the Forney Independent School District
      • Project Sadie
      • Project King Kong

    • Approved an NDA for Project Sadie.
    • Adjourned at 2101
Tuesday, 2019, September 17