Council honors young difference-maker

During its regular Oct. 15, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Council proclaimed Dyson Pagan week, heard a complaint against staff, held several public hearings, considered amphitheater management. (watch official video)

  • Mayor Penn Proclaimed Oct 20-26 as Dyson Pagan Week, for 7-year old Dyson Pagan who has a project (and Facebook page) Dyson's Pick-Up Pinson - he picks up trash from the roadside on his way home from school.Watch Video
  • Public Comment
    • Mr. John Daniels stated he was here to "file a formal complaint on the leadership of the city manager", who quit on the storm drains, streets. He has asked for signs for every other corner, there are large cracks in the road you can put your hand in. Their "community has been looked over and abused for years." He stated there were cars with expired tags for 9 years. He stated at Peter's office, the assistant has "very unprofessional behavior, practices open racist in the workplace, it's got to stop." There are no curbs near dangerous storm drains. He said he told Mr. Carson, in Brookshires, the community would file a complaint, Mr. Carson said that was fine. A leader would ask what the problem was, and offer to work it out. He said papers he passed out explains how Mr. Carson could get help. Mayor Penn told him his 3 minutes was up; he said he was going to meet with all council members regarding this, they need a leader.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a preliminary plat for Avilla Oakridge, located north of N. Gateway Boulevard and south of Reeder Lane.
    • a final plat for Avilla Oakridge, located north of N. Gateway Boulevard and south of Reeder Lane.
    • a site plan for Avilla Oakridge, located north of N. Gateway Boulevard and south of Reeder Lane.
    • a final plat for Trinity Crossing Phase 5A, located south of F.M. 740 and west of F.M. 460.
    • a final plat for Woodlands Crossing, located southeast of the intersection of the Union Pacific Railroad and F.M. 548.
    • a site plan for Schafer Plaza, located northwest of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 and Marketplace Boulevard.
    • a Resolution designating the Forney Messenger as the official newspaper.
    • a resolution approving the City's investment policy and broker's list.

  • Held Public Hearings -
    • Approved a replat of Lot 1X and 1A, Block H, Brooklyn Village, Phase II, located northwest of the intersection Caladium Drive and Saddlehorn Drive.
      Mr. Morgan said the 0.229 acre final plat was approved Jan. 2019; this is to turn lots 90 degrees to avoid gas line easements. Staff received one response opposed, but it relates to the original zoning, not this change. Mr. Thomas said the original plat allowed for 2 houses, this allows just 1; correct.
      There was no public input.
    • Approved a replat of Lot 3B, Block A, Ridgecrest Addition, located directly northwest of 865 N. F.M. 548.
      Mr. Morgan said this is vacant, behind where Golden Chick being built. This is to add a fire lane. P&Z approved.
      There was no public input.
    • Approved an Ordinance amending the City of Forney Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance by adding a new use classification and regulations for dog training with indoor kennels.
      Mr. Morgan said staff was contacted about allowing indoor kennels, currently only allowed for veterinarian use. Staff examined other ordinances and proposes this. May not be used in multi-tenant buildings. Mr. Myers asked how the city would inspect such places; Mr. Morgan said first w/ C.O., then annually by Fire Marshall. Ms. Powers asked how many kennels would normally be used; 15-20 for boarding. Mayor Penn asked if that was in the ordinance; no, typically quantity isn't regulated.
      There was no public input.
    • Approved an Ordinance for a Conditional Use Permit for an All Terrain Vehicle Dealer/Sales to operate at 10758 E. U.S. Highway 80 w/ stipulation on outside storage only during business hours.
      Mr. Morgan said this is to allow distribution and sales of personal electric vehicles. Building was previously TNA marine, been vacant about 4 months. Request also to allow outside display; previously boats were stored outside. Applicant agreed to have items outdoor only during business hours. Mr. Thomas asked if this was zoning for personal electric vehicle, or ATV which includes gas; Mr. Morgan said ATV. Mr. Thomas said if they decide to sell gas vehicle, they can? Yes. Mayor Penn asked if new or used; applicant Mr. Heatley said generally outside will be new units. Mayor Penn said they had concerns about someone selling cars in that area. Mr. Thomas verified they will move vehicles in & out during hours. Mr. Thomas asked if they were using fenced area; that is shared with neighbor, he hasn't discussed it yet. Mr. Thomas said his BBQ empire started in that fenced area.
      There was no public input.

  • Approved authorizing City staff to go out for proposals/qualifications for management services of the Spellman Amphitheater for special events purposes.
    Mr. Thatcher said this was part of council vision 2025, staff has met with talent brokers and management firms to see what the amphitheater is capable of. They believe sending RFP/Q's would be appropriate to see what responses they get. Staff will still manage current events. Mr. Thomas asked if would add special requirements, or just a general request. Mr. Thatcher said would put in items city wants, he was pleasently surprised with the likelihood of getting big talent here. Mr. Carson said it would be part of negotiations with the qualified companies. Mr. Thomas said the amphitheater has been underutilized for years, Brews on Bois d'Arc was very successful, NYE will be, should get top-notch stuff. Mayor Penn said she was excited after meeting with one promoter.
  • City Manager's report - Brews on Bois d'Arc: staff ,,, people might not understand how much effort goes into 9 hour events, he thanked staff; last week swore in new police chief, he looks forward to his long tenure; during 4 months w/o chief, Lt. Todd Eudy Mr. Carson read a commendation for Lt. Eudy's work as acting chief. Mr. Johnson asked about status on Redbud; Ms. McQuiston said they are on schedule to complete in summer 2020. Mr. Johnson asked about broad st sewer - they extended schedule by 12 days; Mr. Johnson said developers will be happy on that 12 acres. Mr. Myers asked when monitor would be open; Mr. Zook said they have exceeded deadline, Mr. Morgan sent a letter, they responsed with a date of ,,, They will not be able to pull permits until everything is finished. There was a delay due to ,,, but that's not enough to cause this long delay.
  • Council Comments - all members welcomed new Police Chief Mica Lunt, and thanked Lt. Eudy for his work as acting chief.
  • Council Comments - Mr. Thomas welcomed Lunt and thanked Eudy, Brews was good, he has video of city atty playing drums, it was a group effort by the city, he thanked staff, reached a point where council is working together, Mr. Carson is a good leader. Mr. Myers said knew forney could do better, Brews was better than expected, city staff made it happen. Ms. Powers welcomed new chief and thanked Eudy, she's excited about NYE, nothing like it in this area, Hattie West funeral was good, she thanked DB for a letter. Mr. Moon welcomed chief & Eudy, event was a great time, he thanked staff. Mr. Cooper: Brews was great. Mr. Johnson welcomed chief, heard good things from a former employer, it would behoove him to use Eudy for public speaking; Brews was wonderful, shows what staff can do; he said he appreciated this year with Mr. Carson. Mayor Penn mentioned Willard AC breast cancer event; swore in new chief who's speech was inspirational, he has already handled some situations; Eudy did a great job; nfhs had a good parade; she suggested a single National Night Out event; ribbon cutting at Gateway Amenity Center, which is very nice; Softball w/ Mayor sponsored by; Brews - she thanked FDBA for thinking of it, staff for doing it, public for coming out, thanked Mr. Carson for leaving no stone unturned; she thanked Mr. Myers for his work; reception was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Held a 50-minute executive session re:
    • Amended (#1) Master Consolidated Interlocal Agreement Between the City of Forney and the Forney Independent School District.
    • Project Sadie, Project Buckeye, Project King Kong

  • Took no action.
  • Adjourned at 2015
Tuesday, 2019, October 15