Parks Board considers proposed Adams Ranch PD

During its regular Oct. 16, 2019 meeting, the Forney City Parks Board met to take fees over park-land dedication and deny pickle-ball reservations.

  • City Council member Derald Cooper addressed the board, stating the board isn't having enough meetings, people aren't showing up.   The council will start holding them accountable.   The City Secretary will be sending all members a letter that they must show up for meetings.
  • City Council member David Johnson also addressed the board, echoing concerns he stated during a recent council meeting about too many board members not attending meetings.   Parks is one of four Big Boards the city has, council relies on the board.   If people miss 4+ meetings, that is a concern.   He hopes they will get word to other members.   This seems the only board that has a problem.
  • Park Land dedication compliance for a requested rezoning of the Adams Ranch planned development.
        Mr. Morgan said proposed rezoning for SF and town-home with a small commercial portion.   It is 393 total lots.   The dedication ordinance was updated about 1.5 years ago.   Applicant requests fees in lieu, based on direction from council and past park board, staff feels fees is appropriate.   This is N. of Ridgecrest & Pinson, these fees could be used at the Pinson Farm.   The fees would be $608k.
        The board approved accepting fees.
  • Consider request From Kathy Green For the ability to reserve days and times at Forney Community Park and Mulberry Park for Pickle Ball.
        Ms. Green spoke about the need to have reserved times for pickle ball courts.   It requires 4 people to play, so not as easy as tennis which only requires 2 players.   The game is growing in popularity.   Tennis court 3 is marked for pickle ball.   Mr. Green said 50+ show up to play each morning in Rockwall, they have built 3 covered courts.   There was a lengthy discussion, the result of which was that there would really need to be a Facilities Use Agreement to reserve time, as is done for field reservations, and it was suggested the group keep track of how often courts are in use when they wish to play (which will be early mornings).
        A motion to deny reserving times was approved.
  • Adjourned at 1952
Wednesday, 2019, October 16