P&Z approves new FISD campus plan

During its regular Jan. 02, 2020 meeting, the Forney Planning & Zoning Commission considered a new FISD campus, Chipotle, Day-care, Grayhawk phase 4, 105 McGraw conversion, Gas station / car wash. (watch official video)

  • Approved a revised site plan for the new Forney ISD Middle and Intermediate School, located north of F.M. 740 and west of Ranch Road.
        Mr. Dixon said this is on 263 acres, a 240k sq. ft building, currently an AG, SF-15 & -20 districts.   Will have 186 parking spaces.   Requesting a variance to use chain-link instead of masonry fence.
        Ms. Holler asks if intermediate or middle; both.   She asks about alternates listed on drawings; FISD Architect said it is to increase capacity to 1200 students for each school.   They are planning to bid on both, but if only one gets approved, the area would have sod installed for later expansion.
        Mr. Morgan said if not built with this project, would have to come back.
        Mr. Wilcoxson asked if any other reason than cost.   Architect: it is cost, and they never put masonry fencing on schools they do.   Mr. Cunningham asks about height; 6 ft.
        Ms. Holler asked how split between intermediate & middle; Architect says only shared area is kitchen & cafeteria.   All offices separate, issue is to schedule.   Ms. Holler said was concerned about 4th & 8th graders together; Architect said had many discussions about that.   Mr. Chambers asked if typical to do this; they have done others, but it's not common.   They might share gym space; for this district it's economical design.   Can also be converted to either type of school for the whole building in future.   Mr. Traylor asked how close homes will be to fence; Mr. Morgan said several hundred feet.  
  • Approved a preliminary plat for Lot 1, Block A, Broad Street East Addition II, located southeast of the intersection of East U.S. Highway 80 and F.M. 548.
        Mr. Dixon said this one lot of 2.5 acres is for Chipotle Mexican Grill. (this will be East of Raising Canes)
  • Approved a site plan for King Daycare, located northeast of the intersection of South F.M. 548 and F.M 741, with exception for drop-off and TVEC approval.
        Mr. Dixon said this property is currently vacant, 2.63 acres, zoning is GR so this is permitted use.   14k sq. ft.   building.   Requesting exception to semi-circular drop-off.   6 ft masonry wall for screening.   Still an issue with TVEC about a water line, suggest stipulate conditional approval.
        Mr. Traylor asked about approval timeline; Mr. Dixon said before city council meeting.   Mr. Shimkus asked if space next to this would be rendered unusable; Mr. Dixon said will be shared access arrangement, TxDOT has restrictions on number of access points.
  • Approved a final plat for the Grayhawk Addition Phase Four.
        Mr. Morgan said preliminary plat was approved April 2019, phase 4 is final phase.   Ordinance allows 2 size lots; most recent concept plan is from 2007.   The majority of lots are 12,000 sq. ft.
        Mr. Shimkus asked if would be up against edge of green space; Mr. Morgan said is large buffer there which will be HOA space.   Mr. Wilcoxson asked about the green space and flood plain; Mr. Morgan said that is in flood plain, why it's HOA and not park land.   Mr. Chambers asked how many entrances will have - just the two existing.   Mr. Cunningham asked about lot 15; it is an open space of 487k sq ft.
  • Approved a revised site plan for 105 McGraw Street, with stipulations of screening and sidewalk.
        Mr. Morgan said was a SF use, recently rezoned to GR.   To make conversion to commercial, need new site plan.   This shows aerial view: keeping the garage, this is a tight parking area but meets requirements.   No changes to building except ADA ramp.   Screening is required by ordinance, currently has chain link fence, recommend wood fence.   There is no sidewalk in front, recommend adding that, as required by ordinance.   Mr. Shimkus asked about how much traffic; Mr. Morgan doesn't know the specific use.   Mr Traylor asked about parking issues.   Mr. Morgan said it could have professional office, but not a church or dining, not enough parking.   Any use would have to conform to the 5 parking spaces.   Mr. Chambers asked if anything prevented people from parking on street; no, but does not help with parking requirements.
        Mr. Chambers asked about residential homes; Mr. Morgan believes are 2 + mobile homes.   Mr. Wilcoxson said other two business don't appear to have sidewalks; Mr. Morgan said rules didn't require it then.   Mr. Traylor asked if primary entry was at rear ; yes.   Mr. Shimkus understands need for sidewalk, but it won't connect to anything. Mr. Morgan said is required, and is for future use.   Mr. Traylor wanted to state for record doesn't like the garage to remain.
        Mr. Saragusa said it will be an insurance office; Mr. Traylor asked about business plans, Mr. Saragusa said just have a letter of intent, expects will be low impact on parking.   Ms. Holler asked if he would consider removing garage; Mr. Saragusa wants to keep it, expect most parking will be employees.   Ms. Holler is concerned about congestion with people going around the garage.   Mr. Saragusa said he wanted to concrete grassy area in front, but would require variance, which Mr. Morgan says would be tough to get.   Ms. Holler asked if could join two parking lots; Mr. Morgan didn't know about easements there.   He's not aware of any standards this doesn't meet.   They could recommend garage be removed, is up to council, nothing that could force it.   Mr. Wilcoxson clarified that all requirements are met; Mr. Morgan said yes, except for screening and sidewalk.
  • Approved a revised site plan for Breeze-In Gas Station and Car Wash, located north of Don T. Cates Drive and east of North F.M. 548, stipulating sidewalk not be escrowed.
        Mr. Dixon said said this 1 acre is vacant, was approved Feb. 2019.   This proposes 6,400 sq. ft gas station w/ automated car wash.   Applicant has revised plans to approve staff comments, staff recommends to not escrow the sidewalk.   Mr. Chambers asked if 24-hr store; unknown. Ms. Holler asked what revisions were done; dimensions and labeling on drawing.   Mr. Chambers asked if will have a kitchen; there is a side area where food is prepared.   Mr. Shimkus asked if escrowing sidewalk was to save money; Mr. Dixon said that and concerns about FM 548 widening. Mr. Morgan said have no established timeline, so don't want to escrow it and widening of 548 is an issue.   Mr. Zook said TxDOT will move or replace existing sidewalk during construction.
  • Adjourned at 1923
Thursday, 2020, January 2