Council hears more criticism, plans for lighting project.

During its regular Jan. 07, 2020 meeting, the Forney City Council met to hear more criticism, receive Charter review results, approve sending RFP for Christmas lighting project, an incentive and trash fee increase: (watch official video)

  • Public Comment
    • Mr. John Daniels said he was there to fight for his community for better roads, curbs and sidewalks, but first he asked Mr. Carson and Mayor Penn if they would meet w/ black folks; Mayor Penn said they were not allowed to have a conversation during public comment.   Mr. Daniels said that was the open racism here in city hall.   He said they have death-trap streets.   He said on Dec. 17 Mr. Thatcher lied on him: (ed: this is my understanding of what he said, could be wrong.) after Mr. Daniels said city was under investigation, Mr. Thatcher called Kaufman County DA office to speak w/ assistant DA Ms. Debbie, who said Mr. Thatcher was dishonest? Mr. Daniels has provided each council member with a copy of the complaint he filed on Mr. Thatcher, and suggested that he sign a form Mr. Daniels has.   He wants to have Mr. Thatcher fired or prosecuted.   He said they didn't come here to be discriminated by the City Manager and the Mayor.
          He said he's considering running for Mayor, his door would always be open.   Forney can do better.   He's putting out flyers, need to get decent Christian people in here.   It's so corrupt in here that even the rats and roaches are corrupt.
    • Constable Jason Johnson spoke, he's up for reelection.   He's here because promised during his campaign he would make a difference.   He asks for their support and to vote for him to work together and keep Forney safe.

  • Approved as one consent item:
    • a Resolution ordering the General Election for May 2, 2020, and take any action necessary. [Comenta y considerar la aprobación de una Resolución que ordena la Elección General el 2 de mayo de 2020, y tomar las medidas necesarias.]
    • the revised quarterly investment report ending 9/30/19.

  • Vision 2025 -- Goals and Initiatives: Mr. Carson said at council request, will schedule a workshop after Pinson Farm plans are released.
  • Approved authorizing City staff to receive proposals for decorative holiday lights for the holiday lights event beginning in 2020.
        Mr. Thatcher said this was to allow staff to send RFP out for bids, to allow citizens to ride on a tram through the light display.   Should be able to pick a vendor in March, allowing enough time to design and construct the event.  
  • Took no action regarding recommended amendments to the City of Forney Home Rule Charter.
        Mr. Thatcher said the report from the commission, which held several meetings, is ready to be presented.   Former Mayor Weldon Bowen and city council member Andy Parker, who were chair & vice-chair of the commission, were present.   Mr. Bowen spoke about the results, and praised the members and city attorney Thatcher.   The task of bringing charter up to date resulted in recommendations passed by the commission.   He formally presented a printed copy of recommendations.   Some items were removed as no longer needed.   There was an issue about members appointed to fill a vacancy, which they have fixed.   Mayor Penn suggested he list the highlights.
        Mr. Bowen said they did not recommend term limits or moving the election to Nov.   A significant change: a member in place 2,4,6 would have to resign to run for Mayor, recommend any member who runs should be required to resign.  

        Mr. Thomas clarified about a member running for office: resignation would be effective at election.   Mr. Thatcher said it is as soon as they apply to run for the other office.   Mr. Thomas went through the process that would be required to fill vacancies from that.   Mr. Thatcher said might need to review that process.   They follow state laws regarding special elections.   Mr. Thomas said this would apply for someone running for any other office; Mr. Thatcher said yes, although as have 2yr terms, not required to do that.
        Mr. Johnson said committee was a good group, Mr. Moon thanked the members for their time.

  • Approved an Ordinance amending the 2019-20 Fiscal Year budget to transfer $100,000 from the EDC Fund Balance to the EDC Project Expense line item.
        Mr. Ketteman said the board met last night, this is for Akron Way going East.   Originally was going into their parking lot, staff encouraged them to build all the way to property line to allow access for further development.   Mr. Moon asked about timeline; Mr. Zook said likely in the fall; Mr. Carson said he was told Sep. 15.
  • Approved a market adjustment for Community Waste Disposal for the solid waste collection and recycling services agreement.
        Ms. Woodham said the contract allows for 5% adjustment, they are requesting 1.34% increase, rates would be effective Feb. 1.   They adjusted their budget expecting the maximum.   Mayor Penn asked where the extra 3.76% went; Ms. Woodham said will go to utility fund, the first increase was absorbed by the city, so they were behind.   Mayor Penn thanked Mr. Roemer of CWD for not increasing the max.
  • City Manager's report - he ackd persons who helped with NYE ball drop.  
  • Council Comments - Mr. Johnson ball drop was fantastic, good vendors, unfortunate couldn't drop ball down to the ground; DC heard many good comments about the event; Mr. Moon asked # people, Mr. Carson said about 9k, Mr. Moon said it was very clean next morn; Mr. Myers thanks everyone involved, went great, plans to be better next year, Mr. Carson needs credit for presenting this idea, great things will happen in 2020, thx to charter cmte; Mr. Thomas said the ice rink & xmas in park were also great, Mr. Carson did a great job starting this, a lot of stuff coming up in 2020; Mayor Penn excitement, energy & enthusiasm, Forney mving fwd, not just Forney any more, ball drop just the beginning.
  • no executive session
  • Adjourned at 1922
Tuesday, 2020, January 7