Council approves annexing 201 acres, leaves parks and buildings closed.

During its virtual regular May 05, 2020 meeting, the Forney City Council met to approve FISD Admin renovations, discuss youth curfew results, annexed 201 acres, approved fiber connections to city buildings, decided to keep city buildings and parks closed to the public.
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  • Approved as one consent item:
    • the quarterly investment report ending 03/31/20.
          Documents show the interest earned was $209,672.
    • a revised site plan for the Forney ISD Administration Building, located northwest of the intersection of College Avenue and S Bois D'Arc Street.
          The plans show extending College/741 through the intersection, then turning toward existing street/parking lot.
    • the acceptance of public improvements for the Villages of Fox Hollow Phase 5B development
    • the authorization to allow staff to seek bids for the electrical improvements for Pump Station No. 2, and all related issues.
          Documents show estimated costs of $141,200.
    • two supplement agreements for street lighting service with Oncor.
          Documents show this covers lights in Gateway Parks planned development as well as the Park Trails development.
    • allow staff to seek bids for the drainage improvements for Forney Fire Station No. 2, and all related issues.
          Documents show this is to control drainage and erosion issues on the vacant slope E. of the station.

  • Discuss and review the effects of the City of Forney Ordinance No. 18-46 regarding the youth curfew on the community.
        Chief Lunt said they looked at all incidents since passage - 8 calls, 2 required formal action (citation), 3 had no violations, 3 got verbal warnings.  He believes it is still an excellent tool.  They had a recent 3 AM call when a juvenile was found in a vehicle, two others approached wearing backpacks and gloves, they fled when told to stop.  They could have been involved in property theft, the ordinance allowed them to hold the juvenile and issue a citation.  Mayor Penn asked if more kids being home has resulted in more calls - Chief Lunt said recently had an increase; before that calls were down.  At beginning (of shutdown), had 9 juveniles break into a school.  Mr. Myers asked how many of the 8 calls involved city residents - the 2 citations were, some others likely were.  Mr. Thatcher said the ordinance was approved Nov. 2018, state law will require a public hearing before 3rd year anniversary.
  • Held Public Hearing -
    • Approved the proposed annexation of approximately 201.764 acres of land (KCAD Property IDs 12976 and 10892) owned by Royse World Land, LP and discussion and possible action on an Ordinance approving the annexation and proposed service plan or agreement.
          Mr. Thatcher said this is Alan Bain and John Blackburn from Gateway, these 200 acres on two properties are outside city limits.  They sit on either side of Helms Trail S. of Hwy 80.  Notice was provided to utilities, FISD and public in Forney Messenger last two issues.  City may no longer do involuntary annexations, a voluntary request needs one public hearing.  The owners want to include it in the TIRZ.  The sooner the TIRZ can pay off the debts, the better.  Mr. Johnson asked if these were adjacent to Terrell ETJ - Mr. Thatcher said the East parcel does.
          There was no public input.

  • Approved a Resolution awarding the proposal for RFP 2020-003 for Outside Plant Optical Fiber Backbone Infrastructure to GTI authorizing the execution of all necessary documents.
        Mr. Neil Cardwell said this is RFP approved a few months ago, budgeted as 300k, bids well within budget.  This will connect city hall to other city buildings, instead of the wireless equipment used now.  This will connect all but fire station 2.  Five responses were received; GTI was $227,874.  Had responses from 4 other companies.  Mr. Myers asked why fire station 2 isn't included - that would be a very long run, and would include crossing Hwy 80 which would be expensive.  Averaging $25k / mile, that would have added about $100k.  They could add it in future if needed.  (documents indicate this would be completed in August)
  • Discussed and too no action related to the Declaration of State of Disaster and Public Health Emergency, and all related issues.
        Mr. Carson said need guidance about reopening parks, and city hall and other buildings.  He, Chief Lunt and Mr. Rouvaldt decided if do open the park, would still keep basketball and playgrounds closed.  Mr. Moon asked how often they would sanitize the parks - Mr. Carson said it would not be effective, which is why they recommend keeping playground equipment closed.  Ms. Powers asked if visitors could come in through the front entrance - Mr. Carson said they would remove the barriers.  Mayor Penn asked if other parks would be open - Mr. Rouvaldt said they don't have personnel on site at pocket parks.  Mayor Penn said parts of Mulberry could be used without being on playground equipment.  Mr. Myers said this could lead to confusion, groups could play football & such which is just as bad as basketball.  Mayor Penn said the ordinance limits groups to 4 people.  Mr. Johnson said people are walking into community park.  Ms. Powers said that's why she wants the entrance open.  Mr. Myers said likely to be a flood of people coming in to play, would have to specify no competition allowed, he prefers keeping it as is.  Mr. Johnson said don't have staff to police the area.  Ms. Powers said it will be tempting to use the open space.  Chief Lunt said, from enforcement standpoint, it would be a struggle; officers have done a good job responding to social distancing reports, but they aren't looking for that.  Complicated requirements for the park would be a struggle.  Mayor Penn said maybe they should stay closed 2 weeks.  Council agreed. 
        Re: city hall - Mr. Johnson pointed out numbers still rising, Mayor Penn said haven't been any problems being closed.  Mr. Thomas asked about municipal court - Mr. Carson said they will be using Zoom hearings, which does have issues for certain persons.  Some people are just paying the citations.  Mr. Moon asked when Kaufman County offices will open - unknown.  Mr. Thomas asked how expensive Zoom was - Ms. Woodham said they get it free for courts.  Mr. Myers asked if could offer fields for reservation at the park - Mayor Penn said that sends mixed messages.  Mr. Moon said people driving by will add pressure to open it all up.
  • Public Comment - none
  • City Manager's report - none
  • Council Comments - Ms. Powers thanked staff for helping the public; Mr. Johnson thanked staff during these trying times; Mr. Moon thanked staff and PD; Mayor Penn said she was elected a year ago, thanked council members for being such a great team.  Morale is way up, great things have happened.  She thanked the public during these frustrating times.
  • Held a 54-minute executive session re:
    • PUC Docket No. 46662; SOAH Docket No. 473-17-4964.WS Petition of the Cities of Garland, Mesquite, Plano and Richardson Appealing the Decision by North Texas Municipal Water District Affecting Wholesale Water Rates.
    • PUC Docket No. 47814; SOAH Docket No. 46-18-1344.WS Petition of High Point Water Supply Corporation, Talty Special Utility District and Markout Water Supply Corporation Appealing the Decision by the City of Forney Affecting Wholesale Water Rates.
    • 2020 Special Events contract terms and conditions

  • Took no action, Adjourned at 2013
Tuesday, 2020, May 5