Council considers another annexation, FEDC incentive

During its regular Feb. 02, 2021 meeting, the Forney City Council met to approve annexation of part of Bellagio project, FEDC incentive.
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  • Mayor Penn presented a Black History Month Proclamation
  • Approved as one consent item:
    • the quarterly investment report ending 12/31/20.
    • authorizing continued participation with the ATMOS Cities Steering Committee authorizing the payment of membership dues for 2021 to fund regulatory and related activities related to the Atmos Energy Corporation.  Documents show the dues are $1,361.80.
    • a resolution approving the arbitrage rebate compliance agreement with Hilltop Securities.  Documents show this renews the contract with the renamed First Southwest for five years with an annual fee of $1,600.
    • the Acceptance of Public Improvements for the McDonald's Forney project.  Documents state these are Water, Storm Sewer and Paving.

  • Held Public Hearing -
    • Approved the proposed annexation of approximately 4.28 acres of land located in the Absolom Hyer Survey, Abstract 203, in Kaufman County, Texas, at 8092 S FM 741, owned by Bellagio Laguna Azure, LLC and discussion and possible action on an Ordinance approving the annexation.
          City Attorney Mr. Thatcher said have recently had several Public Hearings for annexations, many on CR212.  This is related to recent item where zoning was approved, of 350 acres. (the Lagoon project) Petitioned annexations may be streamlined, the development agreement qualifies as the service agreement, only 1 hearing required.  County, FISD and utility co's were alerted about the Public Hearing, no responses.  This is in Talty SUD, agreement has provision for city to be the water provider.  This is SE on 741, behind the church LDS.  If this is approved, will need another zoning request.  No one has registered to speak.
          There was no public input.
          Mayor Penn asked if this would create a doughnut (hole) around the church - Mr. Thatcher said more of a peninsula with the church and other properties.

  • Approved a Resolution approving an expenditure under Section 501.073 Texas Local Government Code and a Performance Agreement between the Forney Economic Development Corporation and French Quarter Daiquiris LLC, DBA French Quarter Bistro.
        Mr. Thatcher said when plans for FEDC to expend funds, must be approved by council.  This Bistro will be in same area as Palios Pizza, they asked for assistance in remodeling costs.  FEDC offered incentive based on FTE jobs, would receive 6k for 4 jobs when C.O. obtained.
        Mr. Myers asked how they prove have FT jobs - Mr. Thatcher said various ways they can provide proof are paying staff.  FTE could be multiple PT persons.  Mr. Myers asked if they have to prove have funding - Mr. Thatcher said FEDC is clear they don't provide startup funds, make sure applicants have funding, and the incentives are not paid up front.  In this case, the jobs must be maintained for a year.
  • Public Comment - none.
  • City Manager's report - none.
    Mayor Penn asked Ms. Brooks for a bond committee update: 17 applications so far, will continue to advertise.  Mayor Penn asked if this will be closed out early enough for them to vet applicants before meeting - yes.  Mayor Penn said for the public: they decided to move forward slowly, given current uncertainties.  She and Mr. Carson spoke about this year being sesquicentennial, will have celebration for July 4 event.  On next agenda, will have updates from department heads.  Mr. Johnson asked about updates on Quiet Zone - Mr. Carson said have talked w/ Rep. Goodens' office, still waiting for comments from notified entities (all must reply to notice).  Mr. Moon asked how many will be on bond committee - 10.
  • Council Comments - none.
  • Held a 56-minute executive session re:
    • City Secretary

  • Adjourned at 1957
Tuesday, 2021, February 2