City Council Holds Town-Hall meeting

During its Nov. 10, 2021 Town-Hall meeting, the Forney City Council held a chat with citizens, and some outside the city limits, staff explained boundaries, zoning rules, policing and more.

  • After brief introductions, council responded to questions from the sparse crowd attending, many of whom do not live in the city limits. Discussions were held about property rights, land use and leasing restrictions. City Attorney Mr. Thatcher spoke about land use rules differences between a city and unincorporated areas, ETJ issues and controls. Mr. Morgan explained some zoning issues, including Lovers Landing and the Bellagio / Lagoon development. City Engineer Mr. Zook spoke about roads, and the weather/tornado warning system. Mr. Rouvaldt spoke about the rec center and parks. Acting Police Chief Eudy responded to many questions about policing issues such as school safety and street racing, the license-plate cameras, jurisdictions and the 548/Broad no-left-turn. Council members and Mayor Lewis responded to many questions about police funding, cooperation with the FISD and other governmental entities, helping students succeed, what it takes for TxDOT road construction. Forney EDC director Ms. Spencer explained what drives some retail development, talked about proposed mixed-use developments downtown.

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Wednesday, 2021, November 10