FISD adopts new attendance zone to accommodate growth

During its regular Dec. 06, 2021 meeting, the Forney Independent School District Board met to recognize students and staff, consider even higher growth than expected, school calendar, naming committee, new Attendance Zone boundary map.

  • U. S. Flag - Daja Johnson, 10th Grade Student, Forney Learning Academy was introduced by Dr. Pam Luttrull, Principal of Forney Learning Academy, who stated Daja is interested in being a medical assistant, is a library aide.
  • Texas Pledge - Kendra Whitten, 4th Grade Student, Blackburn Elementary was introduced by Ms. Courtney Parker, Principal of Blackburn Elementary, who stated Kendra has made a huge impact, has infections smile, helpful to others, works to her full potential, wants to be an artist.
  • FEF Teacher Grants
        Mr. Justin Eatherly, Executive Director, Forney Education Foundation, said one way they impact students is through innovative teaching grants.  This year will surpass $1 million since 2008.  He thanked the board, Atmos Energy, TVEC, Walmart, and Claybon, Henderson, Warren and Rhea PTO's.  The donation is 69k.
  • Holiday Card Contest Winner
        Ms. Kristin Zastoupil, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, presented a video of card designs, then announced the winners: Jude Rincon, Jordin Kasberg, Mia Escalara, Caley Cottongame
  • PSAT Commended Scholars
        Dr. Judy Webber, Chief of Learner Services, said the program started in 1955.  Of 1.6 million entrants, 3% qualify for consideration.  Two FISD students did: Emma Stoy and Luke Heard.
  • Texas Thespians State Festival and Contest
        Ms. Jenae Glanton, Coordinator of Fine Arts, said students competed in many categories.  3,352 events were submitted; FISD won superior awards in duet acting, solo musical, duet musical, stage management.  NFHS won technical challenge team awards.
  • Texas Thespians 2021 Trailblazer Award
        Mr. Mario Luna, Director of Fine Arts, recognized Ms. Glanton, who was the one adult selected at the event for the award.
  • Held a 5 minute recess.
  • Monthly Financial Report
        Mr. John Chase, Chief Financial Officer, said YTD revenue of 31 million is 24% of budget vs 22% last year.  Expenses 32% same % as last year.  Food service got some federal reimbursements, income at 14% vs 10% last year, could be over $6 million for the year, expected $5 million.  Expenditures 30%, served 110k in the month, which had one week off, vs. about 20% last year.  Debt service at 1%, won't pick up until Dec report comes in.  Had payment in Aug, at 69% vs 73% last year.
  • Demographer Update
        Ms. Kim Morisak, Chief Operations Officer, introduced Michelle Box from Zonda, who stated FISD is 4th in DFW new home ranking for annual closings.  Inventory is about 1900 homes, have less than 12 month supply of lots.  28k future lots in various areas and states of development.  In last two quarters FISD had more starts than all of 2020.  Expect 1200 student growth this year.  Strong growth is higher than expected from just post-COVID demand.  Plan on 3300 new homes in 12 months.  In 5 years, will add 11k students.  In 10 years, +20k students for total 35k.  Plan is based on current boundary layout.  In 2024, several campuses will be over 1k students.  In 2025 will be over capacity at intermediate campuses, and total high school enrollment will be over 7k.  Forecasts are increasing rapidly.  She showed comparably sized (in land area) districts, most of which had higher student populations.
        Dr. Terry said have moved from fast to exponential growth, could double in 6-7 years.
  • Master Planning Update
        Ms. Morisak said Willet and Johnson both going along well, shelter at Johnson looking good.  Schools are going up faster this time around.  NFHS concrete poured in baseball/softball areas, turf soon.  Field-house almost dried in.  Track making progress.  FHS doing punch-list on Friday, trouble getting signs.  Aquatic center - in, beams poured, stairs in, can tell there's a pool.
        Needs based on demographer's report - The OC will open in fall 2023.  Elementary # 10 needs to come soon.  NFHS transportation lot approved for design.  Elementary 10 will have traffic loop to 548, only buses will use Falcon Way.  Will add a 9th grade wing, some fine arts and athletic expansion, allowing 3,200 students. 
        FHS will also get 9th grade extension, expand cafeteria.  Tennis courts will have to move to near welding center. 
        Brown Middle - will expand core, fine arts.  Smith will have a second gym, it's core is great, will be good for 1,200 students.  Rhea is out of room, will get a small addition.
        Dr. Terry said elementary 10 was redesigned for traffic, and the county KCAS building to the North.  Brown, Rhea and Smith, additions will be tornado shelters.  Ms Morisak said both High Schools are also tornado shelters.
  • Public Comment - none.
  • Approved as one consent item:
    • Budget Amendment
    • FDB Local Update
    • Resolution of Prevailing Wage Rates for Public Work Projects
    • Superintendent Authority to Make Emergency Purchases to Repair Electrical Systems at Forney High School
    • Purchase of FFE for Athletic Expansions

  • Approved attendance boundary modification plan
        Ms. Morisak said this plan was shown at last board meeting, haven't received very much feedback, no one spoke at public hearing.  One neighborhood for Johnson will move to Claybon.  Mr. Geer can handle that without board action.
        Dr. Terry also said not much feedback, staff did good job explaining to parents.
  • Approved construction bids as presented.
        Ms. Morisak introduced Mr. Jeff Fisher who said they took proposals on The OC for utilities, paving, some building components, electrical feed and parking lot.  Got multiple bids on all sections, slightly better pricing than expected.  Asking for approval of alternates for extra parking lot, might not be available in 2nd package.  Likewise on extra classrooms at Early Childhood Center.
        Documents suggest this will be $143 million.
        Dr. Terry said will be coming to board with alternates continuously, as planned.  Cost savings have helped allow elementary #10.
  • Approved both high school master plans.
        Ms. Morisak said need High School expansions as quickly as possible.  Dr. Terry said this will be a multiyear project, commended previous boards for planning for expansion.  Can't get High School seats quick enough.
  • Approved convening a facility planning committee.
        Dr. Justin Terry, Superintendent of Schools, said booming with growth with everyone wanting to be part of the Forney Family, need to take a look with this growth about providing extra chairs.  Did this about 2.5 years ago, suggest having experienced and new members.
        Pres. Pharris appointed Mr. Johnson and Mr. Andrews as committee members.
  • Approved convening a financial audit advisory committee.
        Dr. Terry said have policy in place to do this every 5 years.  Board will review results of RFQ's.
        Pres. Pharris appointed Ms. Dobbs and Mr. Regan.
  • Viewed the 2023-2024 school calendar as a first reading.
        Ms. Morisak said first showing the 22-23 calendar, which they modified.  Policy allows superintendent to modify board-approved calendar, but she wanted to present the changes to the board; however, the presentation didn't have the changes, so she skipped it. 
        The 23-24 DEIC calendar: early release dates aren't working as well as hoped, want to turn them into full-day teacher work days.  Traditionally start school on Mondays.  Shifted calendar to Thursday, which is easier on parents and students, and teachers in DEIC were in favor.  Christmas had to be backed up a little.
        Pres. Pharris verified that school will start a few days earlier to make up for loss of early-release half-days; yes.
  • Heard update 118 as a first reading.
        Mr. Rick Geer, Chief of Human Services, said these are to address new laws, and changes to TEA financial
    • CFD(LOCAL): Accounting - activity funds management -
    • CQB(LOCAL): Technology resources - cybersecurity - requirement for most members and board to have annual cybersecurity training has been eliminated.  Superintendent may require additional employees to have the training. 
    • DFE(LOCAL): Termination of employment - resignation from contract employees.
    • DP(LOCAL): Personnel positions - school counselor must spend 80% time on school counseling components.
    • EHAA(LOCAL): Basic instructional program - required instruction (all levels) for human sexuality programs. 
    • EHBC(LOCAL): Special programs - compensatory/accelerated services and responses to unsatisfactory performance.
    • EIE(LOCAL): Academic achievement - retention and promotion - outdated items removed.
    • FDE(LOCAL): Admissions - school safety transfers - aligns policy with state law about abuse to disabled individuals.
    • FEA(LOCAL): Attendance - compulsory attendance allows student absence for acquiring learners permit.
    • FEC(LOCAL): Attendance - attendance for credit adds exception to 90% attendance requirement for serious illness or treatment.
    • FFG(LOCAL): Student welfare - child abuse and neglect - changed to "reasonable cause to believe".
    • FL(LOCAL): Student records

  • Heard CW Local as a first reading
        Mr. Geer said this section for Naming Facilities has been under review.  Suggest increasing board size from 3 to 5, and removing appointments by superintendent.
        Dr. Terry said this will put control back to the board.
  • Approved (Ms. Dobbs abstained) the resolution appointing member to Kaufman Central Appraisal District Board of Directors
        Mr. Chase said last 4 years member has been Robert Dobbs, his term expires soon.  Mr. Dobbs is chairman of the Board, has agreed to server another term.
  • Held a 90-minute executive session re:
  • Deliberate Regarding Employment of Professional Contract Personnel, Pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code 551.074
  • Consultation with District's Legal Counsel regarding Legal and Procedural Matters relating to Purchase and Acquisition of Real Property, pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.071
  • Deliberation regarding Potential Purchase and Acquisition of Real Property, Kaufman County, Texas, pursuant to Tex. Gov't Code Section 551.072

  • Approved the employment of professional contract personnel as discussed in closed session
  • Approved a real estate broker to provide services to the district and authorize the Superintendent to negotiate and execute a contract with the broker.
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    December 20, 2021 - December 31, 2021 - Christmas Holiday; District Closed
    January 10, 2022 @ 6:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting
  • Adjourned at 2159.
  • meeting_date: 
    Monday, 2021, December 6