Council gets input re: 1641 expansion impact on Fox Hollow

During its regular Jan. 04, 2022 meeting, the Forney City Council met to consider May 7 election, county's Hazard Mitigation Plan, heard from several Fox Hollow PID board members.
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  • Public Comment
    • Jessie Timez spoke about trash around Skyline Estates area - mattresses, tires.  He spoke w/ city manager.  They need to hire a crew to pickup all the trash.  His neighbors felt it was a waste of time to address the council.
    • Robert Moreno on Brooks - people are cutting through his 2-block-long street to avoid waiting at light at Bois d'Arc.  It's been a quiet neighborhood.
    • William Clay, Fox Hollow - Re: maintenance PID - established 2004, approved by council.  It's purpose is to maintain the area, which includes the 7-11, empty lot across street, Three Forks, Church, Rhae.  The PID board has 5 members, he's the president, they handle contracts under 25k.  For over 25k, they would present it to council for approval.  Over 50k, bids must be sent out by the city.
    • Robert Harold - also on PID board.  The 1641 expansion is welcomed, Fox Hollow will provide 2 acres for it.  They have a deadline to avoid eminent domain.  Selling the land only provides 10% to cover the improvements.  There may be a wall put in.  The offer is low compared to comps.  All the PID money goes into community, they need to do something to cover loss of greenbelt.
    • Tiffiany Priest, PID secretary, excited about all-resident board structure.  The TxDOT expansion is important for the board to work on.  They want to help city as much as possible during this expansion.
    • Amy Hollaman is Fox Hollow treasurer.  TxDOT expansion will take away walking trails, mature trees.  They need enough from the land sales to replace features.  Would like to provide walking trails, a pedestrian bridge, fire pits, more lighting.  All PID members are volunteers, want to take care of the community.

  • Approved, as a consent item: a Resolution ordering the General Election for May 7, 2022, and take any action necessary. [Comenta y considerar la aprobación de una Resolución que ordena la Elección General el 7de mayo de 2022, y tomar las medidas necesarias.]
  • Approved a Resolution adopting the county-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan.
        Fire Marshall Mr. John Holcomb gave a brief history of the project.  Emergency Management was adopted in 1950s, upgraded in 1970s.  County plan first adopted in 1988 consisting of 5 pages; Now it's 2000 pages.  Plan went through TDEM, then FEMA, then to Commissioners court who adopted this plan this morning.  Includes building codes, permanent generators, tornado sirens.  Mr. Chambers asked about quickest way to get generator - onsite is quickest.  Ms. Schlensker asked about cost - $10-25k.  Fire station and PD already are, city hall is not, will be.  Ms. Schlensker asked about helping other muni's - Mr. Holcomb said part of statewide plan, coordinated by county.  Mr. Chambers asked if working with 3rd parties such as churches - yes.
  • Board and commission appointments:
    • Parks and Recreation Board: Jake Lewis, Kimberly Lees
    • Planning and Zoning Commission: Pete Rosenberg
    • Capital Improvement Advisory Committee: Charlotte Shipley
    • Council Liaison to the Parks Board: Mr. Chambers

  • City Manager's report - thanks to everyone who attended NYE ball drop, lot of good feedback.  Jan 12 city website redesign will be complete. FPD citizen academy starts Feb 15 for 14 weeks.  Mr. Chambers said he attended NYE, likes the way it was done.
  • Upcoming Events - Jan 10, Shops at Terrell (Tanger) will have a covid testing site.
  • no executive session re:
    • Project King Kong

  • Adjourned at 1907
Tuesday, 2022, January 4